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    Post by Vassar Jorim on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:51 pm

    Time: 19:32 PM
    Date: 03/31/0004

    Of all the things the Turian could think to be regretful of, it would probably have to be  going to that place. He didn't exactly recall a name, just faces and aliens and a lot those aliens being humans or at least humanoid. It was just a bad call when it came down to the wire and it hadn't really helped one bit. He didn't know anymore than he did then other than people telling that his world was gone. Naturally, he was in disbelief as there were no signs of Reaper activity. Then again there were no Citadel forces either. Just a whole lot of nothing when he tried the Com. Links.  Vassar trudged through the streets, keeping his helmet on as he navigated around sidewalks avoiding coming close to anyone while he meandered aimlessly. He didn't really know what to do. He knew what he wanted, he wanted to be back where everything was familiar, maybe even visiting on Palaven. But no, he was stuck on some rock called "Portal City". What kind of name that was for a planet wasn't his problem to muse, just his to be very confused of.

    He stopped as traffic as it had be deemed drove past the crosswalks, something he had learned early on was not to be trifled with. Why didn't everything just fly? It was just another question that didn't matter as much as it was a simple distraction of passing thoughts. Once the signal gave for safe passage, Vassar moved along again, continuing up with the slow fixed lumber. Out of all thing, there was one thing the Turian did know.

    His feet hurt.

    Thinking back he made an attempt to recall when he last sat and planned something or anything for that matter. Hours of walking littered through his memory, reminding him that he also had not eaten at all. Perhaps  finding a place were food that would offer him some sort of nutrition was in order. Idly h began to wonder if any food suitable for a Turian were available, he was on a rather sensitive diet that many beings were not. Oh to be the minority in dextro-based foods. So food it was, rest after that and going out to explore and finding some sort of clue to obtaining a ship. A list. Lists were good, purpose was good. A goal was set.

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