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    Cordially Invited




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    Cordially Invited

    Post by Ninetails on Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:04 am

    TIME: 15:35

    It had been nearly a month since the events of the woods happened. Such an event was not taken lightly, and re-cooperating from it took much time for the Demon Lord as she demanded a great amount of pampering and solace. Though with much effort and little rest, her minions made her 'happy' enough to feel at ease and over the events that took place that dreadful day in February. And as the warmth moved in on the Breach, Ninetails had nearly forgotten something that she promised while in that disastrous home.

    With a flick of her tail and glare of her eyes, her imps retrieved a piece of parchment and the Demon Lord wrote with the ink that spilled from her tail tips, her penmanship something to be gawked at and would leave one in awe. A loud sigh hinted she was done, and a blue imp was given the piece of paper, carefully hidden underneath its garb and protected from the winds as it opened the signature kite it used to fly about freely across the world. "Be swift, imp, there is much more to be done," the Demon Lord called as the imp flew off the top of the pagoda-esque castle and out of the isle, above the sea.

    The wind was still chilly due to the winter ending just days ago, but the warmth of the sun was welcomed as the blue imp flew through the clouds. One may be wondering how the Demon Lord knew to look to the sky for a certain wind mage, but... does no one recall she was here once before? She knew vaguely of Vaati, but she had heard of his palace in the sky, something that sounded quite interesting and surely a sight to see, but she had never acted upon her thoughts or made much contact with the small mage. Not until recently had she bothered to discover they most likely had more in common than just care for their fabulous hair (or fur, in Ninetails' case).

    Such was the cause of the invitation!

    "Let's see... a floating palace should be easy to find..." the imp said aloud as he wandered the sky, air currents help steer him towards his destination. But it was a bit cloudier than he expected, and with little visible in front of his face, he was bound to--


    --hit something...

    "OW..." nearly sliding down the wall he had hit, the imp scurried upwards and onto a platform that looked like the entrance to the palace he had been searching for. At least he found it.... painfully. Now all that was left was to deliver the invitation, but... from the look of it, and feeling... it would surely be difficult to find the mage in question. "We'll just make this easier on myself..." the imp said as he walked near the entrance, and took out an arrow of some kind. It was decorated and gave a small glow, but otherwise, it was fragile and would surely disappear the next time it was touched. The imp placed the note on the wall and kept it there with the magic arrow, and hoped either Vaati himself or one of his own minions would find it and deliver it.

    "Now to get out of here!" the eager imp tottered off, a little dizzy from the face-plant before, and opened the kite to jump and fly off.

    Well, it was opened, and he jumped, but it was more of a plummet than a glide... but he would surely make it back to the isle!

    ... Hopefully.

    The Invitation:
    Dear Vaati,
    I am inviting you to my home at the cliff near the sea on March 15th, about the time of noon.
    I recall saying we both wished for a nice cup of tea and perhaps something to eat, and it seemed like a grand idea, as I wish to speak more to others here, and I had little time in the past to really get to know you, other than a few little things here and there. You may bring a guest if you like, or perhaps your own flavor of tea or recipe. Please make sure to state firmly before entering the home that you had been invited by 'Ninetails'.

    Until then,


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    Re: Cordially Invited

    Post by Vaati on Sat May 03, 2014 7:53 pm

    It was a perfectly quiet day at the Palace of Winds, and although the Wind Mage had since recovered from both his involuntary visit to the Pool of Souls and the accursed happening that had led to it, he was still especially grateful for such. He always appreciated days such as these, and that stood regardless of the events that had transpired roughly a month ago. He enjoyed the quiet nearly as much as he did his solitude, and whilst he did like a bit of action from time to time, this was a perfect day to simply relax and take things at his own pace.

    As it was, Vaati found himself taking a leisurely walk down one of the front corridors of the palace after he'd taken the chance for an afternoon snack. His timing seemed to be rather good here, especially as a chasupa was soon quick to flit to his side, squeaking about something just outside the main entrance. "Hm? What is this, then?"

    More hurried squeaking and the Wind Mage soon determined that there had been a missive left for him just out front. He rarely received mail of any sort, and even when he did end up with such, Xiao Xiao was usually quick to play the delivery yaojing, both at the Palace itself as well as back on the ground below. What he found once he warped out to the front of his domain though was quite interesting… a note attached with a magic arrow of some sort. "Oh-ho, now what do we have here…"

    Meeting the arrow with a small wind spell of his own, the weapon disappeared, soon letting the letter it contained come to his hand. A quick inspection confirmed that it was a simple letter, but once he opened it, he found himself raising a rather curious eyebrow. An invitation?

    The cliff near the sea… a home near it? As his red gaze trailed across the rest of the letter, he soon blinked as he realized just who this was from. It appeared to have been sent to his home by none other than the priestess, Rao. The mention of her having little chance did come as a bit of a surprise as whilst the maiden had seemed rather familiar to him, he had not been able to place just where that glint of recognition sat. Once he reached the end of her invitation though… it all made perfect sense.

    So THAT was why the priestess had seemed familiar to him… he had got to know her somewhat back before he had returned to his true self. Now this was most intriguing, and certainly enough to cause a slight smile to grace his features. Well then, it seemed they had both made a true return… and now that the previous chaos had settled, they could finally get the chance to visit properly… and enjoy some well-deserved tea. The date was filed away in a mental note as he let out a soft laugh… until then indeed.

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