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    Over the hills and dales . . .



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    Over the hills and dales . . .

    Post by Lawrence on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:54 am

    Time: 9:00 PM
    Date: 1/30/2013

    It was very dark indeed out in the grasslands at this time of night, but Lawrence still ventured onward, following Zurg's trail across the prairies. There weren't many landmarks at all out here, which would make it difficult if he got turned around in the dark, but the scent still led forward in a meandering line. The spots where Zurg had likely stopped were where his scent was the strongest, and the butler followed along with that particular 'breadcrumb' trail.

    Lawrence only really came out in this direction to visit Kev, though this was certainly some beautiful countryside. Hmm, maybe one day they could possibly have a vacation home out here? It was a thought, but Zurg would likely prefer the mountains, given it would be easier to fortify a structure there. Any 'vacation home' would also be something of a bunker against whatever disaster of the week decided to plague Portal City this month as well. He knew his friend would likely be planning something, given the Phazon and everything else that happened last year.

    Eventually, the trees of Kindle Forest began looming up ahead of him, and soon his trek across the plains would come to an end. My, but those woods looked a lot more spooky in the dark. And he only had a spear to defend himself with. Did he REALLY have to go in there?

    Zurg's scent did lead in that direction, so yes, he would have to. Lawrence groaned a bit to himself, but in the end he ventured into the woods anyway. The only way he could complete the Task was if he ventured forth, despite any danger.

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