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    Hmm, this place again...



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    Hmm, this place again...

    Post by Lawrence on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:35 am

    Time: 7:15 PM
    Date: 1/30/2013

    Soon enough, the scent trail bobbed and weaved in the direction of the park. Lawrence followed to the best of his ability, almost losing said trail a few times due to all the other scents in the park, but he kept from panicking and soon regained the track every time.

    The path threading through the park seemed to be taking a very familiar route indeed, the butler already getting a feeling of a particular spot he would end up passing. Given what it meant to both he and Zurg, it was only obvious that the monarch might take an aside to the spot in question. Sure enough, Lawrence crossed the next rise and there it was: the isolated stone table and chairs next to one of the park's several small ponds. A good sniff and he noted that the trail lead right up to the table, and so he ventured closer.

    He still remembered that time he led Zurg to the area, hoping it was an isolated enough spot for the Evil Emperor to open up to him a bit more. It was a painful and bittersweet memory to be sure, given everything that happened afterward, but he would not trade it for anything else.

    If he looked on from here just right, he could almost still see the snowflake effect given off by the Chrono-Disrupter . . .

    Having spent all the time here he dared, Lawrence sniffed the air again and got his next bearings. He took a moment to glance about, and did the thing his new instincts were urging him to do, rubbing his head on the table where he smelled Zurg's scent the strongest. There, this was now officially their spot...

    With that done, the butler took off again, though now the trail looked to be heading out of the city. Things would likely be more dangerous from here on out, but Lawrence was ready.

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