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    Following the trail . . .



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    Following the trail . . .

    Post by Lawrence on Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:02 pm

    Time: 7:00 PM
    Date: 1/30/2013

    in hand, Lawrence followed the scent trail Zurg left him, though it was certainly going in a meandering path around the city so far. At least while in the city limits he would be safe, but he had the feeling that this particular trail would lead well beyond it. Hopefully his spear would be enough to fend off any of the various wandering nasties that he knew lurked in this world.

    For the moment, Zurg's scent lead toward what looked to be the Chop Shop. Yes, there it was up ahead, the structure very familiar even if it was in the dark.

    The other scents in the area were also very familiar, though perhaps a bit stronger due to his new sense of smell. Oil, servo fluid, and all the other things used in mechanical repairs . . . all of that certainly brought back some memories, even if most of them were of waking up from a repair session after getting mangled by NOS or Layla. Lawrence idly wondered what the two of them might have thought of his recent transformation. NOS-4-A2, he would probably think he was being too sentimental, and also trying to figure out some sort of advantage to be gained. The butler wasn't sure of what the car demon might have thought.

    Still, this was no time to become lost in his own thoughts, he still had a trail to be following! Shaking himself out of the memories, Lawrence focused on catching Zurg's scent again, sniffing the air briefly. Ah, there it was, leading out of the business district entirely . . . with a direction found, the butler took off running again.

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