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    KARR [level 30 power and weapon/ Armor revision]



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    KARR [level 30 power and weapon/ Armor revision]

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:59 pm


    Name: Molecular Bonded Shell
    Type: Armored plating
    Appearance: KARR's MBS covering is very smooth, glossy, and could be described as like baby skin to the touch. However it is quite strong despite appearances, making it near impossible to break or dent to the point where even a car compactor cannot crush the vehicle.
    Description: MBS, or Tri Helical Plasteel 1000 MBS, is a durable armor that not only can withstand the elements, but most firearms as well along with eplosives. Even fire and electricity are unable to penetrate KARR's armor. Only heavy artillery and missiles have been able to penetrate the shielding, but even then it only leaves KARR with internal component damage and his shell intact. The MBS covers his whole body, from nose to rear bumper, even his tires and undercarriage. It allows KARR to have a frame tolerance of 111.5 tons and rear suspension load of 28.5 tons. Lasers and potent acids can neutralize the shell completely.
    Specifics: %50 damage reduction against physical, fire, and electricity. Can only be nullified with potent acid or laser fire.


    Name: Flame Thrower
    Appearance: Used by KARR's rear rocket booster, he has the ability to project flames at his opponent.
    Description: Made from the higher output levels of his booster, KARR can project the flames around thirty feet towards an opponent in a stream. The flames emitted can set attackers ablaze given its intensity.
    3 die, 2 coins, 1 duration die, 1 die half the opponent's level.

    x1 HIT: opponent suffers full damage
    x2 HIT: opponent suffers full damage plus damage over time

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Tear Gas
    Description: Emitted from KARR's smoke screen jets under the front and rear bumpers, this yellowish gas causes severe irritation to the eyes, nose, lungs and mucus membranes of the opponent. The tear gas is potent enough to disable an opponent for a short amount of time and cause blinding tears should they come in contact with it.
    Specifics: Follows basic stun mechanics 15AP


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    Re: KARR [level 30 power and weapon/ Armor revision]

    Post by Zurg on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:20 pm

    Everything looks good, but the Tear Gas has to be placed in the Level 40 Power slot. It's a stun, and stuns either go to Level 20 or Level 40. That said, this app has nothing else amiss.

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