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    Lonely Mansion On The Coast



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    Lonely Mansion On The Coast

    Post by Grodus on Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:11 am

    Time: 7:00 AM
    Date: 3/25/2014

    Grodus had woken up quite early to prepare for this little adventure, given he would be walking for most of it. His first destination was rather close to the city, though he wasn't entirely sure as to it's status. In one way he would be in luck, as the stately mansion off in the distance looked to still be intact. Hmm, a bit gaudy for his tastes but it would work for something temporary, at least.

    Unfortunately, in another way he was out of luck, as he could not seem to figure out how he could actually get into said mansion, given there seemed to be no way through the gates. He might've been able to destroy them if he had access to his stronger spells, but at the moment all he still had access to was his low level flame spell. Certainly wouldn't be enough to burn through the heavy gauge steel gates that were standing in his way. There simply wasn't anything for it, this place was probably already claimed even if it didn't look like it was in use by anyone. The technomage would have to turn away from this formerly promising target, heading out of the area and off to his next destination.

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