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    Thanks for all the Mittens



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    Thanks for all the Mittens

    Post by Randall on Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:58 am

    TIME: 16:23
    February 9th, Year 4


    The monster, after dealing with a certain derpy demon, finally made it through the snow across the large open fields to the house of Kev. Randall took a moment to breathe feeling the item in his backpack cooling rapidly, and started up again as he passed a few pens with some animals. Sheep, of varying color, made him stop for a moment and look in confusion, knowing full well that they are not supposed to be rainbow colors... but considering how Kev was... it seemed to fit. Whatever dogs were outside would no doubt give him away, and he tried his hardest to be silent as he approached. Although he and Kev were... well, 'friends', he didn't want to stay too long. He didn't have much else to do, but... coming over without an invitation felt kind of weird to him.

    Walking through the snow and up to the door, he pulled of the backpack he had and opened it, shuffling a few things around until he came across a jar. Inside it was a light coloration of something, but it was warm to the touch despite the cold. Placing it in a small makeshift basket, wrapping a small blanket around it, Randall looked around in the bag one more time after doing this, and took out a small note on a dark blue piece of paper. The writing was in white pen ink, and it looked quite fancy! Pinning it to the cloth, Randall turned and started to trek back, only to fall into the snow with a POOMF.

    A small growl emitted from him as he got up slowly, shaking off the snow and mush, and started to quietly curse at the snow under his breath with every step he took back to the city.

    The Note:

    Hey, Kev.

    Wanted to thank you for the mittens you gave me before. They've been pretty useful not only for the cold, but also for baking when I can't seem to find my oven mitts. I also wanted to thank you for letting me stay the night, although, the dogs smelled pretty bad... You should probably give them a bath at least once or twice a week more than usual. That big one really stinks.

    As a thanks, I made this for you. It's pretty much a banana pie but made into a milkshake for you to drink it. It's warm, but you can drink it cold if you like. It doesn't matter, so long as you like it. I added a recipe on the back of this in case you wanted to make more, and this can also apply for other fruits. I don't know which one is your favorite, so sorry if you're not a fan of bananas.

    Anyway, take care and thanks for your help and kindness. I know I'm a jerk, but it DOES make me feel better knowing you're there to help. If you ever need something, you don't have to be afraid to ask me.

    But I am NOT going to do anything illegal with you.

    ~ Randall


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    Re: Thanks for all the Mittens

    Post by Kev on Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:47 pm

    Three dogs were outside when Randall walked up to the cottage, all three barking at him rather loudly. They recognized his scent though, so the barks were excited and of a greeting rather than barking at an intruder. The smaller two dogs sniffed after his trail, while Biddy kept her distance and stayed near the sheep. Llama...didn't do much of anything at all. Per the norm. The inside of the cottage was a different matter entirely.

    The Kryptonistanian glanced towards the door, eyes narrowed. "What's wrong with the dogs? They sure are barking a lot...do you think everything's okay?" His first thought was that perhaps there was an intruder of some kind, yet the dogs didn't sound too aggressive. A robot with soft blue optics looked over at Kev from his spot on the couch, head tilted to the side.

    "Visitor...maybe? Or...chasing an animal." The robot spoke hesitantly, unsure for himself. Sometimes the dogs barked for the silliest of reasons.

    "Hmm...maybe." Kev rubbed his chin and tiptoed his way to the door, pressing his head against the door. He could hear some noise outside, on the porch. Mostly though, it just sounded like something was rustling around. No words could be heard. For all he knew, it could just be the dogs. At the sound of Randall falling into the snow and cursing at it, Kev pressed himself against the door even more, as if that would let him hear through the door better. Kev waited until he heard some scratching at the door, a sign that the dogs wanted in, before opening the door. The two small dogs darted in and made a beeline for the water bowl. Biddy took her time, making her way around...a basket. One with a note, right at the door. Marvin poked his head around the side of the wall to peek at the doorway.

    "What is it?" Kev scooped the basket up and brought it inside, closing the door with his foot. He placed it on the table in front of the couch and grabbed the note first, reading it while Marvin grabbed the jar up and inspected it curiously. He screwed open the top and looked down at the milky mixture inside. "A...gift? Kev got a gift?"

    "I did." A thank you gift, one he wasn't really expecting. He chuckled a bit when he read that the gift was a banana pie milkshake. He never really ate banana things, he didn't really trust the fruit much. But he'd eat the milkshake, it actually did smell pretty good. Marvin handed him the jar and Kev took it, dipping a finger or two inside to absorb some of it while it was still warm. He let out a content trill, though any further 'eating' was interrupted by a furry dog head that laid itself on his knee. "Biddy~!" He stroked the top of her head lightly, though soon glanced at his note. "...Hey Marvin?"


    "We're gonna give the dogs baths tonight, okay? Starting with Biddy."

    The robot nodded his head. "Okay."

    Randall was right; she really needed one.

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