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    Advance, or Abscond?

    Eridan Ampora


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    Advance, or Abscond?

    Post by Eridan Ampora on Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:06 pm

    Time: 2:34 AM
    Date: 19th February, 2014
    BGM: Tallon Heartlands


    Rain splattered across Eridan's cape and in his hair as he walked forward. It was dark out, being the dead of night. The rain made the mud wet, yet was by far something Eridan could bear. He was a fish troll, he liked water. Even if it was rain, rain was nothing to him. He still trudged through the Samba Heartlands, only one thing on his mind: to get to, at the very least, a piece of forestation before daybreak. Then, he could set up camp and rest. He couldn't keep moving forever, after all; he may be alien, but he was far from SUPERalien. What was he, a Predator, anyway? Nah, he was but a mere troll.

    Wandering through the cold rain, he felt his feet splash in water as he left muddy footprints. They would disappear with time, and he didn't even leave footprints in every bit; only the muddy parts that would lose the footprints not long after the rain stopped, in a couple of days or so. He kept going, either way. He stood out like a sore thumb; a sole fish troll, dressed in vibrant colours, against the green backscape that was the Samba Heartlands. He was heading north, if the map he had was accurate. He reflected in his head as he traveled.

    He'd... died? Yes... he'd died, and had respawned a week later. Aradia... he didn't know whether she would be back, but he had hope. That was what mattered, and so he'd just hope she'd arrive back. He'd find out when he got back, he supposed. Eridan had felt a power in his entire being, flowing through as the floodgates to the past were opened by Fear. He'd felt a great power... but did he need to go God Tier to unlock them all? He didn't know... he knew that the floodgates, as well as his power, was now locked once more. Locked inside him... inside his brain. He needed to learn more about it. He could only do that by figuring it out himself.

    Away from civilisation. Why he went north, he didn't know... he just had a feeling. A gut instinct. He wanted to go north because he had a feeling that his questions would be answered. He may encounter all sorts of adventures while he was out there... but there was only one way to find out right now. And that was to trek onward. The fish troll walked and walked, not letting up; he had nothing to gain by turning back. He could turn back anyway, but he just... didn't want to.

    "i gotta find out wwhat it is" He whispered to himself. His goal was to find out what his power was, and why he even HAD the power. And, on top of that... how he could activate and use that power to help his friends. Hell, even if a different power was released, he'd use that to the fullest extent that he could. He just had to search for the answer. And searching would require walking far and wide. Maybe he'd find the answer easily. Maybe he wouldn't. He'd just have to continue... because what lay over the horizon for him?

    He felt like there was something... no, someone out there that knew. He didn't know what gave him that feeling... maybe it was just hope? It was likely just that... but hope was a powerful thing, sometimes. Hope could lead to tulpae... but it could also lead to you being correct; it could lead to decisiveness and more importantly, answers. If he mastered his power, he could protect people he cared about. It wasn't something that was going to happen overnight, so he had to practice attempting to open the floodgates to his mind.

    Judge Fear had brought Eridan's negative memories to the front of his psyche; he had to deal with them all over again. However, he wasn't going to mope. He had to deal with his memories without Aradia this time. He had to deal with them and slowly push open the floodgate, bit by little bit. Maybe then he'd find his answer? He had to get over his emotions, one at a time... and whereas people could help with that, sometimes it was just that bit more efficient without them. He'd practice his power bit by bit, and he'd figure it out... he assumed he could do that, anyway.

    He would find out soon enough.

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