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    To Aradia

    Eridan Ampora


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    To Aradia

    Post by Eridan Ampora on Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:38 pm

    Time: 2:04 PM
    Date: February 18th, 2014
    BGM: Violet Prince

    Flashbacks were still present in the mertroll's mind. He'd really lost it... he'd been completely broken. Eridan blinked as he stood, having returned from the dead not long ago. He remembered it all. Joshua had been the one to end him... but it may have equally been an act of mercy. He should probably... thank him later. Eridan had gone out of control with the little power he had left, and he'd been encased in the power of his aspect... he was the Prince of Hope. Unbeknownst to him, that meant he was the Destroyer of Hope.

    He was pretty quiet. He had been. He'd gone absolutely insane, and he'd pierced a hole in Judge Fear. Much to his further anger at the time, it hadn't affected the walking corpse very much. Still, right now, he had no desire to do anything regarding Fear. However... he didn't know. He didn't know what had happened. What the hell... was that power? They weren't in Sgrub anymore. He was the Prince of Hope, sure... but he'd last exerted that power during his duel with Sollux, and his murders. Not during the fight with Saix, even... he'd taken it for granted that Terezi would probably come back after that. He didn't do so for Aradia, but he could hope.

    Ironic, eh?

    Eridan had written a note. Why? Because he didn't want to stay. He'd brought a lot of pain on this Hive, the last time he did so potentially causing literally everyone to abandon ship and leave him there. And why was that? Simply put, he'd failed to protect she who was dear to him. He'd failed to protect everyone close to him. And though he was a violent troll, he hadn't managed to even protect those in his quadrants. So, therefore, he had to improve. And that was why he was leaving: a spiritual journey of sorts. He had to find himself and learn about his power, and what to do next. How to get stronger! Outside of fighting and all that shit.

    Having left the note on Aradia's bed, he exited the Hive and looked back slightly. He had an umbrella and his normal items in his captachlog (though he was using the umbrella as of current), so it was as if he was going for a walk or something. Pulling his cape over his shoulder to make sure the wind didn't blow it off, Eridan walked off into the Samba Heartlands. He wasn't coming back for a while, he could guarantee you that. But, he had one more stop to make; he was heading to the City. He had another letter to deliver. For now, though...

    Sayonara, Hive.


    hey ara

    yeah so this is pretty serious so im not gonna do any silly bullshit like type in my quirk or anything. something happened after you died. back in the woods, i mean. there was some serious shit going down, and judge fear must have gotten into my mind or some shit. i mean, he was the cause of all the shit that had happened, all the paranoia, and all the death outside of fucking jak mar. he did something and made me go nuts. i displayed a power that i shouldnt have displayed, something i never thought id even see again. it was the thing that made me hurt sollux and kill feferi and kanaya. it involved my wand last time, but this time it activated by itself.

    yeah, i dont know what this is. im not going to figure it out by sitting around or doing fuck all, so im going to go find out. i dont know where exactly ill be going or how long ill be gone, but im going into the wilds for a bit. i fucking aced my trials when i was a grub so this should be a piece of cake anyway. just stay alright for me, because ill be back in a good while. i have to search and find my own answers, anyway. im not relying on any of those assholes to do it for me, anyway. so, ill see you. i doubt youll be able to find me, so theres not much point looking, so try to wait, if you can. i wont die or anything, so ill be fine.

    ill be back as soon as i can.

    eridan ampora
    Aradia Megido
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    Re: To Aradia

    Post by Aradia Megido on Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:36 pm

    Having just returned from delivering her letter to the purple monarch, Aradia Megido did not realize that another purple noble was going to get himself into plenty of trouble. Regardless, she kind of had to expect that anyway, because without a doubt, a lot of shit was being stirred up when she was pushing up daisies. However, as painful as the bang! had been, she could state with full confidence, it was worth it. Or was it? She didn't know what had happened to Eridan at all, at least up until she had read his letter.

    Almost clawing at the note he left for her, the curly horned troll read it with a gaze that could have burned a hole in the paper, if she were not already crumpling it up from how tightly she had clenched it. "what the hell fishsticks!?" Trying to compose herself as she read more and more about Judge Fear and his bizarre effects on Eridan, she wondered if the judge had killed him or not. It was not mentioned so it was probably dubious. Regardless... All of his old wounds were opened; she had to help him back on the road of recovery--that is, if it weren't for his new powers. Was it the power of his Classpect? Yes, angels and white light were definitely associated with the Hope Aspect. As the Prince of Hope though, he was just as much a destroyer of his aspect as he is capable of using his aspect to destroy other things. Perhaps his journey was to discover those abilities as well.

    There you go, Eridan Ampora, Prince of Hope. Aradia Megido was back, and alive and kicking.

    She never blamed her death on him; that was out of a ludicrous plan devised by her very own stupidity to accentuate the rest of the asinine tapestry of super duper mega fuck ups, and she would not leave him there. Yet, he was leaving himself! The Alternian girl let out a snarl once she was done reading, sure she was seeing red. Still, she held on tightly and tried to have faith in her matespirit. "alright fishsticks it s0metimes seems like y0ure m0re tr0uble than y0ur w0rth" she lied smoothly beneath her teeth, "but ill trust y0u f0r n0w y0u may n0t be able t0 hear me n0w but im sure y0u kn0w what im g0ing t0 say:

    "g0 ahead eri 0n y0ur j0urney just c0me back and keep in t0uch with me al0ng the way if y0u d0nt c0me back in 0ne piece i will fuck y0ur s0rry ass up"
    Certainly, dark thoughts were running through her head. In a mixture of disbelief and rage, she stared at the note, putting on a stiff smile to keep to her part of the bargain. Of course Eridan never knew he would have to keep in touch with her (actually, he didn't but Aradia wanted him to), so it was inevitable she would come chasing after the boy. Going through the wilds, huh... Sure he survived his grub trials and was an avid FLARPer like her. So what? What if he died because she didn't go after him? Nobody could stop her worrying about one of the most important people to her on the Gamma, much less a letter itself that hardly specified anything. Even so, she had to trust him, and begrudgingly she did.

    That asshole better come back soon.

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