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    Judge Mortis [Battle AP]



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    Judge Mortis [Battle AP]

    Post by Mortis on Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:03 am


    Name: Touch of Mortis
    Type: mele/ decay
    Appearance: Mortis' hands are grotesquely decayed, with long yellowed claws curling from their tips.  The flesh had greened and started to split apart long ago, tight upon the musculature and tendons beneath.
    Description:  Along with being gristly to behold, Judge Mortis' claws are quite fearsome, decaying anything they touch, whether it be flesh, metal or any other perishable item or structure.
    Specifics: 1c/3d per attack 2AP


    Name:Touch of Undeath
    Type: Natural Resilience
    Appearance: Imbued with the dead fluids and garbed in a uniform that is just as rotten and decayed as his body, Upon his chest is a badge that reads MORTIS.
    Description: While Judge Mortis may not look like much with his decaying body and shambling movements, he is far more resilient than one may think. The Dark Judge can withstand the protests of the living in stride, even responding to decapitation by picking up his head and sticking it on his shoulders again before continuing his duties.
    Reduces mele/ weapon attacks by %25, becomes to %50 at lvl 30.

    LEVEL 1

    Name: Psychic Suffering
    Description: Even when one is not within grasping range, Judge Mortis can inflict psychic pain upon his opponents, savoring as they slowly succumb to death
    Specifics: 1c/2d per attack

    LEVEL 10

    Name: Succumb to Judgment
    Description: Judge Mortis' psychic presence can decay the will as easily as he decay the living, making them less willing to fight their inevitable judgment.
    Specifics: reduces an opponents die tier by half for three turns. 5ap

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Erosion
    Description: Judge Mortis' touch is strong enough to rust and erode his opponent's weaponry, leaving them defenseless. However, it is not uncommon for his touch to spread through the weapon and catch hold of the user as well.
    Specifics: 2c/3d
    x1 HIT Opponent suffers full damage, cannot use their weapon for one turn
    x2 HIT Opponent suffers full damage, cannot use their weapon for three turns

    10 AP

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Necrosis
    Description: Judge Mortis' touch brings decay, and leaves a lasting mark of disease and infection upon the corrupted and unjust. It eats through armor and flesh alike to rot away a sinner’s very life and fighting spirit.
    Specifics:  2c, 4d Only one coin needs to hit for Mortis to bypass armor.
    15 AP

    LEVEL 40

    Name: Spirit of Decay
    Description: Judge Mortis' body may be dead, but his spirit is indestructible, in the event that a fight starts to become too much for his form, he may decide to take hold of his opponent and rot them from the inside out.
    Specifics:  Flip 3 coins, the amount that hit determines the damage taken

    x1 HIT Damage equal to opponent’s level
    x2 HIT Damage is double the opponent’s level
    x3HIT Damage is triple the opponent’s level
    20 AP

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Rest in Peace
    Description: This Judge's hands can do more than rot, phasing in through a person's body to grasp their heart and mind, squeezing until it bursts.
    Specifics: Uses three unmissable die. 25AP

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Rot in the Name of the Law
    Description: Judge Mortis' touch can literally decay a person down to their very bones,  leaving only decrepit remains of what was once a person.
    Specifics: flip four (4) coins

    x0 HIT: total failure
    x1 HIT: opponent loses 25% health, decay is only epidermal, with some corruption of the muscles beneath
    x2 HIT: opponent loses 50% health, decay sets in past the epidermal to the muscular layers, necrosis/ gangrene can set in
    x3 HIT: opponent loses 75% health, skin, muscles and organs are decayed, the victim looks nothing more than a rotten corpse.
    x4 HIT: death, dem bones, dem bones, dem bones!

    costs ALL of stamina bar to use ; bar must be halfway filled or more prior to use


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    Re: Judge Mortis [Battle AP]

    Post by Zurg on Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:06 pm

    Hope everyone got their cootie shot.

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