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    Day One of Adventure



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    Day One of Adventure

    Post by Nessa on Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:44 pm

    March 15th 8:00AM

        The Piper had been thinking long and hard on what she once heard from the Demon Prince Prixlezub, and a few others in the sanctuary. How long had she been here and not explored the other reaches of the Breach? Being true to her nature, she had found a hiding hole in a city and sat there. Gathering 'resources'. But what about another nature of hers? As an immortal she was hardly that simple! She was once adventurous and carefree. And now that there is no Nergal for her to live under, she has the time to be just that. She gathers everything, some small amount of provisions and first aid equipment from the Sewers, where she'd been sleeping until recently. After which, she set forth, along the outside of the city, she travels north toward the Heartlands. Not exactly sure how she'll keep her attention without some sort of companion... Wait a moment! What is she even thinking? She blinks over to her shoulder and smirks at her White Rat. Suzanne curled into a ball and clinching her paws to the Piper's shirt whilst sleeping. Oh well, when the Child awakens, then she'll have someone to speak with.

    Leaving the city, she doesn't even look back as the first part of the Samba Heartlands come into view, rolling plains, hills, and sparse woods. She smiles to herself as she takes it all in, her Awakened senses finding minute details in each element. Maybe she should practice the magicks once more out here? She still has the ability to use them, just not the power or endurance to make them overly useful. She sighs.

    "If only if only, this world wasn't so cruel to me." She muses, faux melodramaticism dripping from her words.

    The wind picks up and a few rats appear at Nessa's feet. Hiding in taller grass and biting at each other's tails. Even after all these years, this 'children' of hers of retained some sort of playfulness. Even after years of poison, assassination, murder, eating the flesh of their would-be brethren... They are still children. The thought almost makes her sad.

    ...Almost. Her eyes rim with red and her aura reaches out to the straggling rats, they sit bolt upright and follow quickly behind their Mother.

    There's more to do than carelessly wrestle. Nessa is on a road of gathering information.

    She walks forward, into the Heartlands, for whatever she finds must be more interesting than the bore that the city has become.

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