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    Mailing the Tines of Valen



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    Mailing the Tines of Valen

    Post by Nym on Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:53 pm

    TIME: 10:34 AM
    DATE: Valentine's Day!

    Oh boy oh boy. Nym spent all night preparing these little Valentine's for the Earth Holiday of the same name, and now was the time to send them! Putting one a thick scarf of a dark red coloration, Nym put them all in a sack (a small sack, about a pillow case size) and went down the stairs of the inn. He felt a little like Santa, but cards instead of actual gifts... They will have to do! He did spend all night making duplicates, after all! He and Mr. Soot worked ever so hard on them! He hoped whoever the postmaster was, that they'd deliver them on the same day...

    "Oof..." he panted, finally stepping on the ground floor and walked towards the lobby. Turning away from the counter, Nym went outside in the snow and looked around until he saw a mailbox. It looked like a nomal, blue mailbox! Looking at the slot, Nym wondered how many of his cards would be able to fit at one time. "Let's try three..." three seemed to fit nicely. What about four? That appeared to work. Five, six, seven... but either wasn't fitting. He made sure to not mess up any of them, and stayed with six at a time.

    How many of these did he make?

    Well, he made enough for just about everyone he knew! Hopefully the postal service knew where to send these as they didn't really have addresses, just names... "Just a few more!" After the last one went in, Nym wagged his tail and felt happy. Hopefully everyone got these, and they'd be happy to see them in their mailbox soon! He didn't really understand the rest of the mechanics of this holiday, but he knew cards were a major part of this one.

    "Now for some cocoa and to continue my show, 'Dead Leaves'! I hope I didn't miss anything!"

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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