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    Lotto [February 1st, 2014]

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    Lotto [February 1st, 2014]

    Post by Portal-X on Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:31 pm

    Seeing as how folks are finding negative monies in their pockets these days, let's try something a little outside of the box. When older citizens leave, they don't necessarily take all of their power with them. And since I, being a merciful and kind Portal to you all (yes, even to Miss Hallow), am completely aware of this fact, I would like to bestow this unused power to those who could make better use of it.

    In short, I make it rain!

    • Levels come from Inactive or Adoptable accounts
    • Only active accounts are automatically entered into the raffle ; those with negative points get preference
    • This happens when an account reaches negative points
    • There are no repeat winners
    • And most of all, have fun!

    Adoptable Account levels from: Barry (52 levels, rounded ; twenty-six 1,000 point winners)
    Adoptable Account levels to: (drum roll, please!)...

    Points Won: 1000 points

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