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    In the Stone

    Post by Sokka on Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:32 am

    Date: August 1, 2013
    Time: 2:04 pm

    Even though Sokka had been to the Solid State Library many times since he had first arrived on the Breach last year, the mighty building never ceased to make him smile as he made his way through its doors. Taking a step inside its hallowed halls, the Water Tribe warrior took a deep breath and let out a satisfying sigh. All these books… so much knowledge… so much amazing stuff to learn here, from his own world, from different worlds…

    And here, he didn't have to worry about paranoid Knowledge Spirits trying to prevent him from learning what he could and using it for good.

    … at least he'd been able to teach Wan Shi Tong Sokka Style before he and the gang had had to make their dramatic escape.

    At any rate… onward, to the books!

    Since he had set out for the library, Korra had taken to running one of their errands for the afternoon, namely a quick run by the outdoor sports shop that he himself had discovered late last year. After all, it might have been a training excursion they were planning, but it couldn't hurt to be prepared for other hazards the mountains might hold for them. They had plenty of skills between the two of them regardless of the lack of earthbending at present for the Avatar, but it was always best to make sure that they had extra gear if need be. Preparing for anything was but one strategy that had helped both of them out multiple times both here and in their own world.

    Soon making his way over towards the books relevant to Portal Breach itself, Sokka set about to finding the best guides and references that he could for the Boolean Mountains and surrounding areas. The guidebooks and maps he had back in his room were very helpful, but he wanted to see if there wasn't at least a little more that he could glean from these sources before they made the trip next week. This was more than simple sight-seeing… it was set to be the best rock training adventure yet.

    Let's see here… topography, flora and fauna, landmarks, empty caves…

    Wait a minute…

    Empty Caves?

    Turning back to that page and looking over everything it had to offer, the young warrior narrowed his blue gaze, humming in contemplation. Sokka had heard mention of the empty caves before, both out in the city as well as in his guidebook, but if this book was anything to go off of, it seemed that the caves were not quite as empty as one might tend to think. They were still largely unexplored, but this account here said that they were prime for monster encounters… now that was another good way to build back their strength around their own training. And maybe if they ventured into them even a little, they could sate their appetites for both training and exploration. Now that was another possibility…

    Whilst the Southern Water Tribe duo were always set to visit the Apache Coastline, Samba Heartlands, Kindle Forest, Unicode Tundra, and of course the training center right here in the city, it seemed that they were going to have to spend a little more time in the Boolean Mountains, both for this trip and some future ones. Their first trips there were great, but this should be their most exciting one yet!

    Considering all of this, whether Korra and Sokka chose to explore the caves themselves or simply the areas near them, they were set for one great training adventure.

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