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    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life



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    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

    Post by Zurg on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:44 pm

    Time: Afternoon
    Date: The Holiday (December 25th)

    And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing! Or, in this case, accept a basket of Holiday goodies.

    The last stop on Zurg's list for the Inn was Jana's and Livewire's room; he couldn't stop by and not drop off a gift! Just as with before regarding the other baskets, the girls would be receiving a handful of gingerbread cookies and, for Livewire's unique case, a few cubes of Energon. Hey, don't ask where the monarch got these. It turns out he had quite the stash leftover from the older days with a certain Prokhor. Best to put the blasted things to use before they made a mess everywhere. In any event, Jana's gingerbread cookies were also fashioned in the likeness of several individuals close to the girl's heart.

    There was a Kev cookie, an Arro cookie, a Livewire cookie, a Tally cookie, a cookie in his likeness, and... well, Zurg couldn't outright remember the young woman's name but there was also a treat in the shape of young woman with glasses. Aria...? Ariel? No, that wasn't right... Bah, he'll remember later. The important thing was that the girls had some gifts for the Holiday and he hoped it helped boost their spirits. There was also a snake and cat cookie, too! Fatty McFatFat Fattikins and Juju were not forgotten. Did Jana still have that dog, Killer...? Maybe that was Anna's dog...

    And a note! A note that read in the alien's signature penmanship:

      Dear Jana and Livewire,

      I know this year has been rather tough on you and things haven't been well. That said, keep your chins up and press on. Always remember that, while some days may seem impossible and others grim, it won't be dreary forever - unless you lived on Bathyos, where 98% of the population had never seen the sun. It's a good thing you don't live on Bathyos, hmm?

      Anyway, you have your friends and the community behind your backs so don't give up! Just do your best and smile with a song in your heart. We're here for you both, even if you don't want us.

      Have a merry Holiday and stay safe,


      PS: People have expressed interest in another chair-tent event. We should plan for that sometime!

    Pleased and having looked over everything, the monarch set the gift basket down and lightly knocked on their door before walking away. No doubt the girls were busy with their lives and he would only be intruding. Hopefully they liked the treats!

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