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    First Stop on the List!

    Post by Zurg on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:05 am

    Time: Afternoon
    Date: The Holiday (December 25th)

    "Pardon me."
    "Hey, watch it!"
    "In a hurry."
    "Share the sidewalk!"

    There was nothing quite like forcing one's way through a busy intersection on only the most crowded holiday of the year. Towering above most of the citizens that dared to stand in his way, the monarch plowed through the masses with his shoulders alone and issued hasty apologies wherever he went. It was bad enough that he still felt the throbbing remnants of a killer headache from earlier today, let alone incredibly behind in schedule. Such a rare phenomenon was unlike him! All the more reason to split the sea of last minute shoppers and get his itinerary back on track. Sorry for the rude bump there, little Timmy. It was nothing personal.

    Ah, splendid. The start of Zurg's festive adventure was just up ahead.

    The Stockpot Inn's bell was impossible to miss, even from several streets away and with his weakened eyesight. Zurg wasted no time in heading straight for the respectable establishment and made sure that the goodies rustling within his robes were still there. Good! Seems all that bumping around back there hadn't damaged a single treat. He finished the brief inventory check and gently eased himself inside the Inn's cozy lobby, swiveling his head as if looking for someone.

    Should he announce himself? Should he wait? Already running on a ticking watch and having only just begun his Holiday deliveries, Zurg figured it best to set his gift down on the lobby's counter and leave it at that. And what may that gift be, you may ask?

    Why, a lovely basket filled with homemade cookies! Holiday gingerbread men, to be exact.

    Each cookie had been designed from scratch; from their individually unique shapes to their more personalized features. Gumdrops, frosting, those little things called M&Ms - nothing had been omitted from decoration, but it wasn't just the trimmings that were special. The cookie themselves had been sculpted into the very likeness of the Inn's current staff. All the way from Wind Waker Link's characteristically large grin and big eyes, to Impa's robust build and toned definition. Zurg had even made a few Lon Lon cow cookies, although he hadn't been quite sure how to go about molding a bovine out of... well, molasses. He sure tried, though! To punctuate everything nicely, the monarch had chosen a wicker basket from the supermarket and dolled it up a bit. He put tinsel at the bottom, Holiday-themed colours of reds and greens with hints of silver, and wrapped a large crimson bow at the top. No, Zurg had never heard of Easter.

    Last but not least, the gift basket had come with a note tied to the handle at the top. There was no mistaking the monarch's unique penmanship for anything in the Gamma (it was really quite flowery for a man...), and it read in purple font:

      Dear Stockpot Inn staff,

      Seeing as how it is the Holiday and I know that you are hardworking, productive citizens of our fledgling society, I have taken the time to prepare for you a basket filled with cookies. I hope you enjoy gingerbread and other such sweet things. May you have a merry Holiday,


      PS: Sorry about how the cows came out. They're certain to taste wonderful in milk, nevertheless.

    Do you think that was a good note? Zurg had tried his hardest to keep it succinct and - oh, he was mentally rambling. The alien wiped his hands clean and nodded, pleased with both his work and presentation. They were sure to take delight in these treats, no? Good! Because now he had two other baskets to deliver around this vicinity and he was going to do just that.

    The monarch picked up his heels and left, where two very distinct room numbers came to mind.

    In unity, before the Nine, I softly speak in #669999.
    But, in One's animosity, I hold command in #99FF00.

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