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    Important Translations



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    Important Translations

    Post by Kev on Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:11 am

    Time: 11:05 AM
    Date: 12/27/2013

    Kev crept into the library, a note held tightly in his hand. It was early, and so soon after the holiday that there weren't many others to be found inside. He made his way over to the librarian at the desk. "Hi! I need help finding 'Elf' thingies. Do you have anything in here?" He held the note tightly, eyes brimming with excitement. Crowley had given him a note written in Elvish, and Kev's curiosity practically buzzed to figure out what it meant. Was it something personal and deep? Was it an important message? Was it a secret meant only for himself?! He had to figure out what it meant!

    Time: 12:15 PM

    The librarian had generously found several books that had to do with Elves and Kev had breezed through them, looking for a language of some kind. ...Unfortunately, most of the books he had on hand were mostly just stories about Elves, rather than the language. The stories were interesting, that was for sure! But they weren't helping him. Oh, if only Amber were still here. She could translate this for him easily! Maybe if he tried to riddle it out...after all, Crowley said the first line was basically his name! He took the note out and folded it out on the table so he could see it clearly.


    Oh GODS, why couldn't Crowley have written it in Basic?! This looked like scribbles! Weird scribbles! He squinted at the paper, scrutinizing. So...the backwards 'p' with a hook and a dash over it was a K. Nothing else in the note looked like it, which probably meant there were no 'K's! Next, the sideways 'B', had to be an e. None like that either. Third was a sideways 'B' with three dots, that had to be a V, and there were several of those in the other sentences! As he dissected the letters of the first line though, he realized...the letters seemed shorter than his name. 7 Elvish letter thingies, and his name was 9 letters in Basic. This wasn't going to be so easy after all...

    Time: 1:33 PM

    "Tulsit, Crowley, this better be a really important letter!" He snapped, hands on the sides of his head in irritation. The librarian hushed him harshly and he cringed, giving her a sheepish wave. "Sorry!" He was shushed again. He sighed and turned back to the note. Trying to decipher it using the first sentence's translation had gotten him nowhere and he still had no leads in the books he'd been given. In fact, he was beginning to get a huge headache from this! Staring at the paper, he felt like he did the first time he saw Basic writing. This note was tons of dots and curves and sideways 'B's and weird 'P's. It didn't even look like a real language! He let out a low groan and rested his head on the table.

    Time: 2:59 PM

    Kev had turned back to the pile of books he'd been given, flipping through them yet again. Instead of paying diligent attention though, this time he was quite bored as he flipped the pages. If anything, he just wanted something to do to pass the time. He really wanted to find out what the note said, but he was really annoyed too. None of it made any sense and he just wanted the answers right away. Why couldn't that be a thing? Why couldn't there be any elves that he could ask to translate? He had money, he'd pay for it! A paper suddenly slipped out from the book he had in hand, jolting and trying to grab the paper before it landed on the ground. Guess what? It landed on the ground. He sighed and set the book aside, standing up from the chair and bending over to grab it. What was a slip of paper doing hidden in that book anyway?

    "..." He blinked as his eyes registered what the paper had written on it. "How to write...in Elvish..." He brought the paper closer and squinted. Was he reading it right? Was this a paper of the Elvish alphabet?! With the basic equivalent written next to it!? "Yes!" He ignored the Librarian's hushing and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. Time to translate!

    Time: 3:56 PM

    It had been a little hard, but the paper slip made it a lot easier. Using it and the paper from Crowley, he had steadily written down the Engish equivalent of the note's contents onto his paper. There had been some confusion, Crowley's writing had been hard to decipher and there was the difficulty in reading letters from a language you didn't even speak. Slowly but surely, he worked through it. He flattened his paper and looked it over, reading his translation.

    "Kev Mak Tarr, This is bastardizidquenyi..." Okay, maybe that word was a little harder to translate. Bastardization? Bastardiziqueeny? He skipped it and continued. "Wrtten by a demon making fun of your holiday bus...Merry Christmas." He was silent for a moment before glancing from his translation to the note in question. "..." Four hours. He had spent four hours trying to translate this note! He'd had tons of ideas in his head about what it said, but he didn't even consider that it was a joke! "...Crowley. You...you!" He snatched up his papers and stalked out of the library, annoyed. He'd been tricked, quite well in fact. What else did he expect from Crowley the confessed demon?

    "A note about friendship and appreciation would have been nice..." Crowley, when he next saw you, you were in for a bunch of pouting.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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