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    Post by Hazama on Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:31 pm

    Time: 3:25 AM
    Date: November 16th, 2013

    Ah, the caves. Just where Hazama wanted to be. He appeared with Phantom at his side as the caves were at their darkest, the slow dripping being the only sound present in the damp, deep darkness that was all that any human could see. That was, almost all that the regular human could see. The regular human would be able to see Hazama's bright yellow serpentine eyes reflecting the little light there was. It wasn't very helpful, but he could see a little better. Hell, this was the cave entrance and he couldn't see much. The moon wasn't being very handy right about now... this was likely in the shadow of the mountain cast by the moonlight. That'd explain it, anyway.

    My, my, though. What a terrible night to have a curse, Ragna the Bloodedge.

    "Right, now that they're occupied... let's start this up." This was where that room in his base had led to, when Phantom had charged it. He'd left it activated all this time, but hadn't used it; the citizens could come here... if they could charge the thing with enough magic. They would find naught but an empty cave, devoid of life and exposed to the outside world. Why was Hazama here, then? Because this was where it had come; this was where his airship had been transported after it had finished construction, months ago. True to his hopes, it remained undisturbed. "Good, good. I've gotta thank you again, Ragna the Bloodedge. You did everything I wanted you to!" He boarded the airship with a leap and an Ouroboros chain pull, landing on the walkable part. Walking inside the ship, he looked around. "Ah, just one of the rooms? Perfect. Juuuust the layout I wanted. Home is where the heart is, and all that." He knew the way to go. Moving forward through the room, he reached the elevator that led to all floors. He went for the highest, of course. That was where the control room was.

    With a "ding", he arrived. "Wow, so many buttons. Well, at least I know how to power this thing." He designed it, after all. Pulling down levers and pressing buttons, Hazama caused the thing to whir into life. His yellow snake eyes remained revealed as the airship shuddered to life. Pushing another lever and pressing a button, the airship slowly started to move forward. Hmmm... it seemed unreliable to have such little runway, but you'd be surprised. Ars Magus was useful for a number of things, each ars being used in different ways. There were ars that sealed letters, after all.

    The airship went forward... and nearly plummeted. It reached the end of the ledge that the cave was seated on, essentially, and started to fall, the only thing stopping it in the end being an ars designed specifically for liftoff. It flew further and further forward, and once it was certainly clear and in the air due to the ars, Hazama hit another button, activating the rotors. They spun around and around, keeping the thing afloat. Hitting a few MORE buttons, the ship sloooowly faded away to become transparent. Think S.H.I.E.L.D style (The Avengers, of course~) but with magic used rather than technology, and the camouflage being completely transparent. Good luck spotting or detecting THIS.

    "While they're busy dealing with... well, the Beast, let's relax. Our work is done... for now, anyway. Ehehehehehehehe..." Hazama chuckled menacingly.

    Yeah, you can bet it wasn't over.

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