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    Post by Arro on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:26 pm

    Time: 5AM
    Date: 12/14/13

    Arrogath pinned his pre-prepared message to the shadowy board. The sun had yet to overcome the buildings and pour into the courtyard. Most of the surrounding populace was asleep. The area was quiet save for bird chatter and the screech of distant vehicles. He preferred this to drawing eyes, as he would have done later into the day. Otherwise risk turning this chore into a task. This was no momentous announcement, he required a partner, and this was the fastest way to find one. Arro turned away from the other advertisements just as quickly as he'd arrived. Leaping back into the air and winging his way into the clouds. His silhouette transforming to a speck.

    Challenger: Arrogath
    The Challenge: Combat Practice
    Type of Challenge: Duel
    Description: I require an opponent to test myself against, sparring will be full contact, non-
    lethal. All weapons are acceptable provided they meet these terms.

    Recommended Level: Any
    Reward: Improvement of skill
    Additional Notes: The session will convene at noon five days from now. Olympic Stadium, main yard.


    Remaining Slots: 1

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