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    Truth and Denial



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    Truth and Denial

    Post by Kev on Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:59 pm

    Time: 6:34 PM
    Date: 12/10/2013

    Another day, another dollar. Kev made his usual walk through the heartlands, bundled up in a parka, gloves, a hat and a scarf. The temperature was beginning to get even lower lately, so he brought a heater along and wore it under his clothes. Once he had crossed into the property within the fences, he knew he was close. Sure enough, he could see all of the sheep huddled under a tree with Llama, Biddy, and Chester watching over them. He made his way over to them and stroked their furry little heads. "Hi!~" He did a mental count of the sheep and gave the three watch-animals extra strokes. "Who's a good watch doggy/goat/llama?~ You guys are, yeees~!" He received a few slobbery licks, but he didn't mind too much! He wiped the doggy slobber away with his sleeve and encouraged Biddy to join him by the cottage. "Dinnertime! I'll feed you first while I'm out here, okay?" Per the norm, he found her bowl and filled it with her kibbles. He stroked her head once more before he stepped inside the cottage, where three more animals greeted him.

    The dogs jumped at his legs, barking loudly. Shally the cat was content to just rub up against his legs as he entered. "Down boys, down!" Kinda chilly inside, wasn't it? He stepped over to the fireplace and got a fire started, before he set to work feeding the indoor animals as well. Soon all three had their mouths in their respective bowls, chomping and munching eagerly. Kev made his way up the stairs to his room to shed off his winter clothes, though once he reached the top of the stairs, he paused. On the second floor, right beside his own room and immediately reached upon entering the second floor, was Leslie's room. Her bed was still empty; untouched. He grasped the banister before shuffling his way through her area to his own room, the door slamming shut.

    There was a familiar sense of fear and sadness welling in his chest, one he tried to force away. He shed off his winter clothes and hung them on a coat rack in his closet. He tried to ignore the feeling desperately. Leslie wasn't gone. She was just busy! She was allowed to have her own life outside of him! She took Ophelia somewhere and...hadn't come back, but she wouldn't leave him! They weren't Amber and Vlad, who regularly disappeared on each other til neither were left, not even the baby. They weren't Phantom and Anna, who left a child behind to fend for himself. He loved her, and she loved him. They never expected anything more from the other than they could give. They understood each other, loved each other's company, they had been together for three years!

    Granted, she had disappeared some in those three years. But the first time, she had spoken to him beforehand about it! She made regular trips back down from space to visit him, and even given advice and help against Mr. Dark. The second time was just a mistake. What was supposed to be a few days of partying became months, and he couldn't blame her for that. She'd come back, after all! He sat down on his bed heavily and rubbed his forehead. The pulling in his chest hadn't gone away. There was no letter, this time. He hadn't wanted to overreact, she probably just went somewhere, maybe doing some fae duties. She would be back soon. But the last time he'd seen her was August. And what was it now? He glanced at a calendar on the wall. December 10th?

    Last Year wrote:"What is today?"

    "Its December...December 10th. Its...December 10th."

    "December! But it was only a few days! Goodness!"

    She came back a year ago today, and he had been so happy to see her again. Even though he had given up hope that she was coming back, he'd had that letter to remind him that there was a chance. That she hadn't just disappeared, she had gone somewhere and meant to come back. This time...this time he had looked for a note. He never found one. He held his head in his hands and scrunched his eyes tightly. But why? Why had she left? Why would she leave? She still had the animals here, she still had him here! Did he do something to make her leave? Why had this happened?

    The walls of denial fell and tears began to run down his face. His shoulders shook and he keened loudly, frightening the animals downstairs. She wasn't just out of town, or gone to a Fae meeting of some sort. There was no note and no good bye. For whatever reason, Leslie was really gone this time. Gone like so many others. "K-KEPTOYAAAAA!" He wept and asked himself, why had this happened? Why did this ever happen? Why would she leave? Why was she taken? Where was she? Would she ever come back? Or would she come back as someone different, like Blade had?

    Throughout the cottage, where there was only him and the animals living now, there were no answers to be found.

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