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    Post by Prixlezub on Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:13 pm

    Time: Early Morning
    Date: December 3rd, 0004

    Of course it would be the more arrogant of newcomers, they always were the type to let their egos get ahead of their common sense. The same sense that dictated where one may find a creature who undoubtedly enjoyed their tech. The stillness of the desert sands belied what forces lay in wait, as the rising sun had yet to kiss the moonlit granules. Only the whisper of wind passed over such desolate lands, a lone building standing aged among the dunes and parched earth. Too cold for life to stir, save for one uncaring of the climate and its extreme temperatures.

    Behind a veil of cloaking shadow burned the demon's fiery eyes, silent as he looked upon the building. Despite the infuriating nature of the creature from the sanctuary, the prince's mind was no warmer than a glacier from the north. Whatever that thing was, it seemed to be a blend of both mechanical and living tissue, as its life energy signature had quickly revealed. Along with an ability to generate mechanical cohorts, the demon quickly figured that Memnarch undoubtedly would have an interest in the Tech-Dome. After all, those machines had to come from somewhere, and the parts within that abandoned factory were numerous.

    However, if what Cailia and Kev had mentioned was indeed true, barging in suddenly would be a poor tactic indeed. If he expected him, the part-construct could have left traps and moved on, albeit weak ones given his newly arrived state. Although if he was inside...

    Keeping himself cloaked, the prince advanced forward. His footfalls were silent, not a print nor bubble of glass left in his wake. No heat or scent wafted or shimmered around his invisible form, the demon's presence near indistinguishable from the rest of the environment. Soon he was near the hangar doors, eyesight penetrating their flimsy paneling to detect any life energy signatures fitting of the crab-like creature within the dome of discarded scrap and machinery.

    However, upon his investigation, the demon soon found that there was not a sight nor scent of him within the building. Perhaps obvious locations were not to this creature's interest... Turning away from the Tech-Dome, the demon moved on, pondering where his cowardly prey could be hiding next.

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