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    Ha Haaa, Serpentine

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:44 pm

    Time: 7:43 PM
    Date: 17th November, 2013

    That extra part that this "Hazama" character they had been observing added to his base had no cameras in. What, was he leaving his base open, with no defences? Well, it wasn't like they had needed to observe that one anyway. The only person that had gone in there had been that soldier clad in blue. They'd watched the Hakumen battle, too. Such a weapon looked far superior to their own energy scythes. However, as was the case with that girl, they had no way of tracing her or him back to where they teleported to. It was sorcery, not science. There were no remaining traces.

    The only thing that the Pirates knew? That was that not only had Hazama let a young troll inside the base right down to the base level, but he had also left the place completely defenceless the entire time since then. He really did not care for defences in the way that they did. It seemed like he was incompetent... but, it was always far too early to assume that. What DID capture Ridley's interest, however, had been the moment where he'd caught them inside that dark field of his. They'd been screaming out, and a single chain that was the same as the chain he'd used in the upcoming battle had caused them all to howl. Evidently it couldn't just be physical pain, as those bites looked absolutely pathetic. Alongside that, one or two of the fighters were even disabled for the first while, having to be moved.

    But, the fact that he'd let them go from the hold after a little destruction irked Ridley. "Destruction without death? Boring!" He unknowingly quoted someone else as he saw the entire spectacle. Well, most of it. Space Pirate technology was fantastic; they would have cut him out of their database when he looked at the files, but it would have led to him being aware that they were observing him, which would have led to him most likely cutting off their access. They were still busy rebuilding their forces, that part just nearing the end recently, so they couldn't afford full-scale missions. They only got to see up until the bit with the "Nu" girl, which hadn't been great news.

    Hell, Ridley had only watched this as a recording. He didn't want to sit there and watch it happening live. It'd be pointless as he had things to do around, like making sure officers weren't slacking off. Safe to say some Pirates still hadn't had very high motivation since the Crisis. They'd lost so much in that event alone. To call back the exploration team was always a complete emergency, anyway.

    But, the worst part of it was easy. It was after that "Ragna" had been kicked into the "Cauldron". The world had turned dark, and with a final roar being heard, they had gotten nothing but static as the camera was knocked out. Yeah, Ridley was gonna look into this. Not to mention, he wanted to get his hands on some of those weapons he'd seen being used in that... specifically the weapons used by the single foes that had challenged the citizens in the many boss battles.

    Ridley stared at the speck in space that was Portal Breach. He hoped someone made the mistake of challenging him. He wanted to kill someone. But, you can't win 'em all. So, he might as well just throw around some offensive terms and see where things go from there, while he was there.

    Ridley approached Tourian. He'd be leaving shortly.

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