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    Post by Nym on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:13 pm

    TIME: 11:23 AM
    DATE: 11/7/13

    Something felt different today. Nym felt a little strange, urges to attack small things that moved quickly, chase things... he knew it was just his drive for the hunt, but he even started to begin to not wear his headband, nor his gloves. Instead, he wore the headband around his neck as a collar, keeping the key to his home with Aya available. He had no map with him this time--he was trying something different today. He looked like a regular dog, walking on all fours... almost normal, at least. If no one had met him yet, they would merely assume he was some blue husky of sorts, anyway.

    Nym recalled his hunting session with Arro, and his previous attempts at catching creatures himself, attempting to eat them whole rather than needing to cook... was it a thirst for blood of sorts? He didn't want that... he wanted to be good, and help people. But he had just been feeling too strange of late to even go and socialize like he usually would do. Maybe he needed a long walk to clear his head, and this is what he was doing, albeit from a different point of view.

    People walked by and didn't seem to notice him, and as cars passed along the road, he glanced over and wondered, if he would walk into the street, would a car stop for him, or just crush him under it carelessly? The image of the dog he had seen before that suffered the fate--he closed his eyes and scrunched his nose. He kept his eyes to the ground, focusing on his paws and the pavement of the sidewalk.

    This feeling--it wasn't depression, was it? No, he didn't feel like crying, or worthless or anything. He just felt... confused! He wasn't sure what to do. Should he become more feral? Should he stick with being civil? I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of hunting and running freely, but he was still too new, too weak... he needed some advice. He needed something to do--some hard training. He wanted to get stronger and fast. Impatience wasn't a good thing, he knew this, but...

    Nym looked up as the sidewalk ended, a light showing when people could walk on the other side. Furrowing his brow, Nym ran across the street when the light said go, and he decided to try and find someone. A specific someone. He wanted to talk, to learn, to grow.

    This place, it had many opportunities for him! He knew this, but he was still too frail to unlock them. Soon, he hoped, he would unlock his true potential, and reveal what kind of side he had--was it the feral beast that would be unlocked, or a more civilized and humanoid monster that he would evolve into next?

    Maybe with some help, he'll find out soon.

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