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    Tricky Treats



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    Tricky Treats

    Post by Randall on Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:19 pm

    TIME: 3 AM
    DATE: Halloween

    Flour? Check. Eggs? Check. Rum? Check. Vodka? Check. Wormwood? Double check.

    Time to make cupcakes.

    And not just any cupcakes, mind you. Randall had put a great amount of time investing into making these cupcakes special... and by special, that meant 'tricky'. The mix was as usual; flour and eggs and milk and what have you all mixed together, stirring them into a perfect mesh. The trays were ready, but before he could put them in there to bake, he had to add the rum. These would be rum cupcakes, an uncommon but not too far-fetched baked good, along with the special ingredient. A few cups of rum for that sweet, coconut-like flavor with the alcoholic kick. The vodka, just a pinch, to help bring out the next piece--the wormwood. This part was tricky, just a bit. Randall wasn't sure what would happen if he placed a bit in there as it baked--would it fail and dry up? Would it disappear?

    That's why he had a backup plan! The glaze for the cupcakes after baking had the same mix--rum, vodka and wormwood. He was prepared!

    A bit of time for baking as the monster slid the tray into his oven, and he had some time to kill. "Hmm." Randall crossed his arms, he had 15 minutes till it was time to take them out, and then another 15 to let them dry. Guess he could watch some TV.

    Sitting on the couch and turning on the small television, it was mostly 'scary movies' to celebrate the holiday. "Right... scary movies... what's so scary about this crap?" One was just starting on another channel, so it seemed appropriate to watch a bit of it. "The Conjuring... let's look at this crap."

    Hands balled into a fist, the monster was screaming at the TV and all the happenings of the film. Not scared, not at all, in truth, he was mad. These people were doing the dumbest things he's ever seen! The timer allowed his mind to escape the film as he turned, realizing it was time to let the cupcakes out to settle. As he did, he continued to watch, still yelling at the TV and shaking his head at the actions of these people. Another 15 minutes and he started to make the glaze, turning the film off finally as he couldn't watch anymore, wanting to throw the remote at the screen.

    "A little rum, vodka and wormwood..." a small snicker escaped him as he mixed the ingredients, smothering it on the cupcakes and then beginning the final stage--which was decorating to make them look innocent.

    A little monster touch and the cakes looked delicious, but Randall didn't have any. Not because the ingredients affected him--as they didn't--but he had been eating candy all of yesterday. His sweet tooth made him sick--no candy tonight...

    "There," pleased with being finished, the cupcakes looked ready to eat, perfect and innocent. Now was the time to go out and spread them, particularly in the Sanctuary.

    'Tis the season to be tricky.

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