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    Cupcakes. Just Cupcakes.



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    Cupcakes. Just Cupcakes.

    Post by Randall on Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:21 am

    TIME: 2 AM
    DATE: 10/23/13


    Since night fell upon the Breach, the odd smell of burnt baked goods and sweetness emitted from the first room for hours. Fire detectors had gone off twice, a few dozen batches of cupcakes (or... they looked like they were once cupcakes) had been burned and tossed out into the garbage, and a few other batches just looked... questionable. Too much salt, too much sugar, too much stirring, not enough stirring, cooked for far too long or not long enough. Randall had been trying to make a perfect batch of cupcakes, but so far, he had no success.

    There were bits of flour and icing everywhere, including on the monster as he took the twenty-third batch out of the oven that was now burnt inside and looked at them in anger. "No, no no! Augh!" tossing the cupcakes against the wall instead of in the garbage, Randall slumped onto the floor and stared at the ceiling, breathing in deeply and wanting to break his fist against someone's face. No one in particular, but it'd sure make him feel better. "It's just cupcakes, why is it so hard to make them!?" he questioned allowed, slamming his fist into the ground.

    How does one even forget to make cupcakes when they've made them so many times in the distant past? He was even using a recipe! HOW was this happening? Maybe it was this place, maybe it needed a different amount of things or... Randall shook his head and frowned deeply, placing a hand on his head as let out a big sigh. He remembered when he didn't even really have to worry so much or think about all of these measurements when he used to bake. Though, he'd rather not even think of that. Baking... it felt degrading and silly, but he recalled he had some fond memories of it.

    His awkwardness and anti-social behavior was getting to him, but he wasn't wanting to become a social butterfly. Not at all. The cupcakes... he wanted to make them for a personal reason. Well, reasons. Call it a test, if you wanted. But either way, Randall got up from the floor finally after a few minutes of pitying himself and looked around at the mess he made, taking a small sniff of the air to be filled with the scent of burned food. Something had to change, and it wasn't the recipe. Or maybe it was.

    "Stupid cakes..."

    Washing the bowls and utensils to use them again, the monster sighed and spaced out, trying to recall what it was that he was lacking. Not that love bull-crap, but something else. He was truly lacking something. What ingredients did he use back in his home-world? They were pretty much the same as this, except 'monster versions', but was he missing one? Looking over the recipes he picked out, he saw he had all the ingredients right. So... perhaps it was the oven. There wasn't anything else wrong with how he was making them, and he had fiddled around with the appliances in his room before leaving. That was probably it.

    Placing the dishes down, he went to a closet and took out the toolkit that had been with the truck he had 'found' in the desert upon his arrival, and started to look at the oven once it cooled. Scraping the burnt parts weren't fun and was kind of gross in a way, hurting his head at the same time, but it helped to get a better look at what could be the problem.


    That was needlessly difficult and painful.

    "That should... do it." Fingers cut and in pain, Randall's deed was complete. A few readjustments here and there, and the oven seemed to be reset and fixed. "Now let's do this stupid thing."

    Taking back the utensils from before, Randall began the process of making cupcakes again, this time with the correct settings on the oven, and this time, going slow. He was too tired to keep himself up, and this would be his last try for now. Sugar, butter, flour, all the good stuff was mixed around and placed into the cupcake holders, placing it into the oven and laying down until they were done, which took about twenty minutes. Not too long.

    And now to test.

    Taking them out and letting them cool for a few more minutes, Randall broke a piece off of one and felt it. Well! It seemed fine this time--but how did it taste? Stuffing the cupcake (or muffin at the moment) in his mouth abruptly, he chewed and blinked. Huh... these weren't gross! They still needed something, but they came out... relatively well. So it was that damn oven! Good. "Finally. Now to bed." Finishing the cupcake he had taken, Randall collapsed on the couch, too lazy and tired to go into his room and fell asleep. After making sure everything was off of course.

    He wasn't that reckless.
    But now with the knowledge that he can make cupcakes right, he'd do so... but later. Now, it was time to just rest and savor this small victory.

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