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    Vaati Reborn



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    Vaati Reborn

    Post by Vaati on Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:02 pm

    Date: April 6, 2012
    Time: ???

    Much as the world of the Breach was being reset to its true, previous self, so too were some of those that now called this world home. It was happening to some that had been on the front lines against Alpha, it was happening to some that were far away from the fray, and more than that… it was happening to some that had been sealed away around the turn of events.

    Such was the case for a certain Wind Mage.

    Vaati had been caught in the Palace of Winds shortly into the latest Breach-wide catastrophe… he was not aware of much of what was happening, but honestly, so long as he and his abode remained safe and able to to emerge from this, then he could handle that. He hated being sealed away, but this was not the same as that wretched sword and pedestal. It was not exactly pleasant, at least at first… but neither was it unpleasant. It simply… was.

    No, the reformat was not going to best him… but it would make sure that he returned to and stayed his best.

    Vaati was striving to keep the Palace of Winds as safe as he could despite the outside events… but even around his own efforts, he was slowly being affected by the reformat.

    He did not remember much after everything faded… but as things began to come back into focus, he felt… alive, powerful, and the most like himself he had felt since before he had been pulled to the Breach. Some of the events since his arrival here were now foggy in his mind, much as his mind had been at the time of many of them… but upon inner reflection, that was just fine by the former Minish. He let out a simple, familiar laugh as he felt the full effects of the refresh settle in, and as he closed his eyes to take in every aspect of this strange, new sensation, he could only grin.

    Vaati had not changed… no, he had simply returned to himself.

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