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    Friday Hijinks



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    Friday Hijinks

    Post by Zurg on Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:41 pm

    Time: Midday
    Date: 10.16.0004

    It's a beautiful autumn day and you know what that means...

    Time for another global disaster something fun to break the monotony! It wasn't everyday that Zurg used the bulletin board (he kinda kept to himself these days), but today he was carrying something special planned. About six days ago he and Livewire had an enlightening talk - one that could no doubt help boost community morale - and Zurg decided that enough was enough. These global disasters... for far too many years have they brought people's spirits down. Wasn't it time for a change around these parts? That's where Livewire's idea came in and the monarch was going to kick it into action.

    Clack! Clack! Clack!

    The monarch stapled his piece of paper well, making sure that nothing ill became of it. No wind, hooligan, or paper-eating dog was going to ruin this upcoming occasion, no sir! Finished with what he had came out here to do, Zurg dusted his hands with a smile and contently walked away. Here's hoping there would be a healthy turnout, although... what else was he carrying?

    The Note:
    Good day, citizens of Portal Breach! This is a friendly community notice that both Livewire and I will be hosting a massive chair tent event for Friday the 18th of October within our very own Sanctuary. If you haven't made any plans already, come join us then! Now, what is a chair tent you may ask? I actually haven't the foggiest vapour trail because, you know, alien and all that space jazz, but just think of it as a blanket fort! Or... something like that. ANYWAY! Just know that you, whoever you are, are cordially invited so please do read the rules I have outlined below for your viewing pleasure. They're important and if I find out you've skipped a detail, then I reserve the right to doodle all over your face when you sleep. Kev, this means you.

    Fantabulous Rules That You MUST Read:

    • Bring blankets and sheets - lots of them!
    • Bring some lights, too.
    • Also bring snacks and drinks - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, it doesn't matter.
    • If you'd like, bring indoor games or activities for people to partake in. Fair warning: I cheat~!
    • Don't forget to bring sleeping gear AND wear. No sleeping in the nude!
    • And, most importantly, have fun! That's the objective of this, so no Downer Debbies.

    That should do it for now, but if you have a suggestion that would make this event even better then don't hesitate to pitch in! However, if you think I'm going to play Spin the Bottle then you will be sorely disappointed...

    Hope to see you Friday night,


    OOC Information: Due to fellow users have issues with timezones and real life commitments, this event will take place from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th. IC this event will last only Friday night, but this way everyone has an opportunity to participate. Even if you can't stay for the entire thing, don't be afraid to poke your head in and say hi!

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