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    Killing Time

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    Killing Time

    Post by Arro on Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:23 am

    Time: Noon
    Date: 10/1/13

    A shadow descended over the library. It's gleaming marble walls and pillars momentarily fell into a large swath of darkness under the influence of the noon high sun. But as it's caster descended that shadow dwindled to a paltry reflection of it's former self. Arrogath alighted upon the steep steps in a skip and hurried into the momentous establishment. His stride thickly laden with a hungry ardent step.

    He did not wander or tarry, but moved with purpose indicative of past visits. First stop, the returns counter, where a pale receptionist marked off and accepted his rentals from the prior week. At least a dozen books passed under her hands before he was done. Their titles covered a broad range of topics, seemingly random and without connection to the other. History, science, novels, math, biographies, nothing was off limits.

    The exact second that task was completed he was off again, abandoning the frozen librarian and prowling down the towering rows like a bloodhound on a scent. He seemed to know what he was after, picking out another random collection of leather-bound words. Everything sounded intriguing to him. He never before had such ready access to so many tomes in his own world. And this fact showed through. As by the time he was done, he'd constructed a vast pyramid of novels and textbooks. Stacked in secret order and taking up the bulk of the longest table available.

    Arro cleared the chairs away, sat on his haunches, and began to read. He began flipping past legal notes with avid anticipation. Wondering again whether the history he was about to read came from Earth, the past, present, future, or some other world altogether. He'd began to piece together a picture of his own world's past by finding and consuming the correct tomes. Each one potentially held another clue to the mental puzzle. It was a game he relished almost as much as he did expanding his mathematical skills, or discovering new sciences. It was as worthy a use of his time as any when stuck in the breach, where he had all the time in the world.

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