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    So You've Died...

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    So You've Died...

    Post by The Good Doctor on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:35 am

    The Pool of Souls
    Even the just and the wicked, the young and the old...
    When You Die...
    ...it is not the end of the Gamma. You, user, will find yourself mysteriously transported to a wide pod; there is no means of opening the lid before you. Gone are the gleaming skyscrapers of Portal City, traded for the eerie quiet of the grave - the Pool of Souls. Unbeknownst to you, every citizen on Portal Breach has, in their possession, three data discs. You cannot materialize these precious items but they are ingrained into your Coding very much as it is natural to breath. Each time you perish, a data disc is used in place of you fading away entirely. Upon being spent your Code is whisked away to the Pool of Souls, where judgment awaits your death. Trials, along with your spirit and prowess, determine whether or not you continue to live. They are optional, however. Should you succeed your trial, you will be rewarded a level. Failure, or no longer wanting to continue your trial, will send you back to the living but you will forfeit any and all rewards.

    In the event that you perish, your Code is instantly shattered and left to deteriorate. Everything, including your possessions, can no longer be accessed by anyone, not even yourself, until you have been released from the Pool of Souls.

    Regarding the Sanctuary...
    ...you are forbidden to enter the Sanctuary and converse with the living. As a necessary caution, you cannot enter a new thread - nor create one - while your Code is currently within the Pool of Souls. Threads pertaining to before your death are permitted but nothing else. You remain dead for exactly one week from the date of your IC death; use a timestamp as the basis.

    Attendance is Mandatory...
    ...but participation is not; you forfeit any reward you would otherwise gain from completing a trial if you forgo a trial. This is especially true for any character development you may have learned along the way. Should you choose to skip your trial, you must wait one week from the IC time of your death before entering the Sanctuary or joining/creating any new threads.

    If You are Out of Discs...
    ...then that is an unfortunate turn of events. Should you, user, lose all of your data discs and run afoul of luck... You will be immediately sent to what is known as Data Purgatory - a land of no return. But take solace, user. In the event you are sent to Data Purgatory and are pending judgment, one of the living may take mercy upon your helpless Code. Out of an act of kindness or obligation, they may spend one of their own data discs or purchase one for you in your stead. This is the only way you may be released from Data Purgatory without being entirely deleted from the System.

    You must wait however long it takes to complete your stay before entering the Sanctuary or joining/creating new threads.

    NOTE: you may purchase data discs for points but only before you exhaust them all.

    What are Appropriate Manners...
    ...in the land of the dead? First you must begin a thread and only one. The Good Doctor will take care of you and your trial, should you choose one, will begin from there. It is advised, if not expected, that you recall your last moments and observe the otherworldly atmosphere around you. You are dead, remember. Try to be graceful about it. Just so you are aware... You will awaken in an airtight pod dressed in nothing but white. Your skin, your eyes, your hair - all a winter wonderland far removed. You have no Powers and no weapons; just your hands and the clothes upon your back, if you are fortunate enough to die clothed.

    There is little you can do besides seeing your reflection in the glass and waiting to be guided to the serene cavern beyond.

    And Lastly...
    ...there are certain benefits upon death. Should you, user, contract a disease such as vampirism or lycanthropy and are no longer desiring to walk among the living as cursed... then you may accept a trial and purge yourself of this dubious gift. This can only be done, and is irreversible, after you have entered Portal Breach through a blue portal upon arrival. Diseases from your home universes cannot be cured through Death alone. You will have to seek other methods of reprieve...

    Regarding plots and events that routinely happen, users who die en masse do not go to the Pool of Souls unless by special request. No data discs are lost as a result.

    Concerning children, those who are born/created on Portal Breach cannot come back should they die. Protect your loved ones with great care, user... The grave can make no exceptions for those weaned on Code.

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