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    Information and Imagery

    Post by The Good Doctor on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:48 pm

    The Pool of Souls
    Everyone deserves a second chance...
    The Ferryman

    Know that you are not alone, user... For, although you perished in the realm above and have thus fallen from grace, there is always a kind hand to place you back onto your feet. Shrouded in digital fog and as silent as the grave, the Good Doctor will see to it that your code is preserved well. While no sound will be uttered from its snow-white beak, the Ferryman of Lost Code will accommodate you as best it can. Violet spectacles observe what the soft glow of its lantern cannot; there is nothing Death cannot be made aware.

    The Unknown Path

    Pass the bleach-white comfort of your pod, there is a dark and treacherous cavern that stretches before you. It is unending and time nonexistent. You cannot travel here alone, user... But perhaps with the guidance of the Good Doctor and your resolve, the unknown may not be as scary as it seems. Should you work up the courage to continue your life's journey and take the Ferryman's gloved hand, redemption is always a possibility.

    Brave the road less traveled...

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