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    Job Opening Threads - Template

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    Job Opening Threads - Template

    Post by ISOs on Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:29 pm

    For those wanting to sign up for a job, follow the instructions given, but do post in the opening thread just to make it easier to keep track. The thread should be updated by the original poster as new people apply. If all slots have been filled, [CLOSED] should be added to the topic title or subtitle. When the relevant threads are made, post a link for ease of access.

    The thread template is this:

    Employer: *This is the name of the character listed as having posted the want ad, and can be changed or designated anonymous if the character is likely to do something of the sort IC.*
    Position: *This is where the name of the job goes.*
    Type of Job *This designates the job's nature as Noncombat, Combat, or Hybrid. Noncombat requests have no battles. Combat requests consist of one or more battles. Hybrid requests contain elements of both.*
    Hours: *Work schedule goes here. Details such as specific hours help, but aren't strictly necessary.*
    Wage: *This is for payment, of course. Credits are generally used, although items may be used as rewards if specified.*
    Number of Openings: *Simply put, the number of free character slots you're offering. You may place any value in between one and infinity, but try to keep it reasonable.*
    Duties: *Place a short tagline summarizing what the job entails here. It is encouraged, but not strictly necessary, to write this and subsequent parts in an IC way, as with the Underdome Gladiator thread.*

    *A detailed description of the job goes here.*

    - *Requirement, in bullets*
    - *And so on, depending on how many things you need*

    How to Apply:
    *Tell people how their characters can sign up and what they should expect.*

    Taken Positions:
    1. *Character name goes here.*
    2. *And so on, depending on the number of characters.*

    Remaining Positions: *State how many slots are left for the job.*

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