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    Books, Books Everywhere

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    Books, Books Everywhere

    Post by Prixlezub on Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:50 am

    Time: 2:30 PM
    Date: July 12, 0005

    Pale marble, gleaming brightly in the midday sun. Blinding to many, but on the building that it adorned it would sooner inspire than gain ire of those who passed by. The library certainly was quite an impressive place, now that he thought about it. A man, no older than his mid twenties, approached the massive building. Confidence in his stride and a gleam in his eye, this day his youthful ambition was set to discover on this scorching day. Dressed quite smartly, but still quite comfortable. Jeans and a T-shirt to stave off the summer heat, and light weight walking shoes. His hair was combed back neatly and trimmed, shining more from a recent shower than any hair gel.

    Ascending the stairs, he swiftly moved to the top step and pushed open the door with a tanned arm, slender from lack of exercise. Cool air replaced the heat from outside as he ventured in, the door closing heavily behind him. For all the years the man had been here, he had never been inside this building, amazingly. Taking a look around him, he began to wonder why he had not come here sooner. Books upon books lined the walls of this building, their shelves spanning long enough that they seemed to go on without end.

    However, for all the impressiveness of this place, the man was not here to gawk and stare. There was a purpose to his visit, one that shall be fulfilled. If he could find it first, that is...

    He walked along the various shelves, category through category. Amber eyes glanced over the spines of various books, determined as they searched until finally a title stuck out to the young man. One that featured a sort of engineering science. Reaching up he plucked the heavy thing down, opening it and scanning through the first few pages before closing and tucking it under his arm. Continuing down the row, he picked out a few more, these regarding a few complicated subjects. Though mainly they looked like the type that pertained to mathematics.

    The man kept picking the different titles from their shelves until he had a small pile of four in his right arm, tucked close to his chest. His swift stride and a few turns around in the massive library brought the man down to a table, wooden and round. Pulling back one of the comfortable chairs he took a seat, laying the various books out before him, flipping them open and glossing over the contents before turning to the desired chapters.

    Formulas and their explanations were open to his hungering mind, his gaze ever focused as he studied each that pertained to his interest. While many may take a notepad to jot down what they have learned, his memory much better suited to his task than any pen or pad of paper. For each book he opened and memorized what they had to offer him, though he hardly rushed through his task.

    He had nothing but time to spare in this gamma, surely a day spent here would not be considered a waste...

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