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    Post by Kev on Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:25 pm

    The scaly Kryptonistanian was enjoying a nice relaxing day, sitting on the couch with his girlfriend, the moon fae named Leslie O'Rinn. She leaned against his shoulder and giggled slightly as he caressed her pale cheek, before moving to her lovely purple hair, wrapping a strand around his finger. "I love you, Leslie~" He trilled, leaning closer to nuzzle her nose.

    "I love you t-AAAAA-o~" He blinked at her in confusion. For the briefest of moments, she had flickered. The entire room had flickered actually, like a movie beginning to unwind in the projector. Instead of her pale cheeks and lovely smile, she was screaming and covered in blood. He stared at her, almost sickened by the brief sight. Leslie frowned. "Wha-PLEASE STOP, PLE-rong?" Her hand reached up to cup his cheek as she flickered yet again, looking in excruciating pain as something with clawed hands dug into her.

    "Leslie...?" The scene flickered a few more times until Leslie let out one more scream and went still. Kev reached forward and stopped. His hands...his arms...it wasn't possible! He brought her close, ignoring how muscular his arms now were, how sharp his fingertips were. "Leslie?!" The blood covered fae gurgled softly until she finally became limp. "No....no no no!" He held her close and sobbed, rocking her body. Panicking, he pulled away from her and stumbled to the nearest bathroom. His height had increased, and he seemed to lumber as if carrying a heavy weight upon his body. But it couldn't be possible.

    He flew into the bathroom and started the sink, rinsing his hands off and staring down at the talons he had now. It was a mistake. Just a mistake. He splashed some water on his face and grabbed a towel, drying himself off. It was a stupid mistake. She was going to come back and he would apologize as much as he could, because there was no way he'd do that on purpose! He pulled the towel away and caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror, staring at it.

    His reflection merely cackled. "YeES~!" Bright blue eyes stared back at him, cruel and harsh. A muscular version of himself with great, glowing veins. The reflection tilted its head back, and like a wound being cut from the inside, a mouth grew like a rip, dripping with phazon and littered with sharp, blue teeth. "EmBRaCE iT! ThIS is tHe ReAL yOu, tHE trUe YoU!"

    "SHUT UP!"

    "YoU KnoW My waY is THe rIGht waY! LeaVe TheM BEfoRE THey LEaVE yOU, pUsH tHEm AWaY BefORe tHEY pUSh YoU AwaY, KiLl tHEm BeFoRE THeY DiE On YOU!" It cackled loudly as it licked its lips. "HaVeN'T MoRE ONlY LeFt sINCe tHEn? EsPeCiAlLY tHe WeaK OnE, tHe oNe sO AgAInST YoU BeCOmING ME. He LeFt YOu tOo. SHE WoUlD HaVE lEfT YoU, aNd NoW ShE WON't!~"

    "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" He punched the mirror, grabbing the shards and throwing them into the sink. His reflection continued to cackle, not minding in the least.

    "ITs AlReaDy TOo lAtE! YoU AnD Me aRe The SAmE NoW, bEcAUsE I WaS ALwaYS YoU! NoW...LeTs gO vIsIt mORe 'fRiEnDs', sHaLl wE?~

    Time: 9:05 AM
    Date: August 2, 2013

    All was calm and quiet in the cottage of Kev and Leslie. The sheep were asleep, llama was asleep, Biddy was asleep, and Kev's animals were asleep in the room with him, though his constant moving in his sleep stirred the two dogs who were on his bed. They pawed at their owner and licked at his face, but nothing was waking him up yet. He whimpered in his sleep, though the whimpering would go unheard since he had some tinfoil wrapped around his head for a sleeping cap. "No...Nooooo...!" With a sniffle, Kev opened his eyes and looked around the room. From the bloodless walls to the happy faces of his pets. He took the foil hat off and sighed, rubbing his face. "Of course...it was just a dream..."

    A year ago today, Kev threw a lamp at Gaara and was repaid by being tossed out into the phazon. A year ago today saw the birth of the monster he had become during the Phazon crisis. The alien glanced down at his hands, flexing his fingers. No talons. He felt his arms, they were still as noodly as ever. He felt his face and found no bulging veins or drippy phazon mouth. He was a hundred percent Kevvy. Still...a sense of dread was surrounding him today as it surrounded him yesterday. Oscar climbed into Kev's lap, and Kev pet the small dog. "I don't think Jana would mind if I took a sick day, huh?" He could always make it up to her. He just...really did not feel like leaving the cottage today. Not on this day.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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