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    Lost Letter

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    Lost Letter

    Post by Universal NPC on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:49 pm

    The time was the early morning, the sun just rising and breaking through the buildings of the city, shining upon the windows, greeting the world as it always did. The date, it was June, the 8th, the year was not important. Who really knew what year it was here? The shop targeted on this fine morning was the Victorian Lily, owned by the lovely Aya Valentine, and her workers who helped her, Xiao Xiao and Rarity. This was not a day for shopping, however. This day had nothing to do with clothing, had nothing to do with Xiao Xiao nor Rarity, but with Aya herself. Her absence caused grief for those who cared for her, but she needed the break. She needed to understand some things, and figure out what she would do.

    The workers of the clothier would find something unusual; a letter. A letter, somehow inside the store, on the counter in plain view. It was directed to Aya Valentine, with handwriting that was beautiful and in an old style, something she would probably admire if she were here to see it. The letter was unsealed, and inside, there was a single page. Just one.

    The Letter:

    "Dear Aya Valentine.

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, your actions and what has been happening to you. I know you will survive, as you are a strong and independant woman, which is why I must say, you never needed anyone to help you. Friends...you enjoyed friends, but a relationship? That wasn't really what you wanted. Nor do you want anymore. It is understandable, considering what had happened between you and your 'significant other'. But I must tell you something. It is cowardly of me to speak through words than in person, and for this, I must say I am sorry, but please, allow me to continue.

    I've always admired you. Your strength, your manners, your blunt truths, you are a woman that does not tolerate shenanigans or tomfoolery, and for this, I've come to understand what this feeling is. I had fallen in some form of fondness for you. Please, do not worry, I am not going to pursue you. You're better off without. But I merely wanted to tell you, that you have made me realize many things regarding feelings. Something I lacked, something I...didn't understand at first. You're a beautiful woman, and have given me the ability to understand these feelings, to a degree. So, for that, I thank you.

    Though my love for you is in vain, I wish you the best, and hope your beautiful shop continues to flourish and you...I do hope you find something that truly makes you happy.

    Good bye, my darling."

    The question now was this.

    Would Xiao Xiao and Rarity keep this from Aya when she returned, or give it to her? The choice was their own at this point.

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