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    Hazama (BlazBlue Series)



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    Hazama (BlazBlue Series)

    Post by Hazama on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:53 pm


    Name: Hazama/Yuuki Terumi
    Age: April 29th (International Dance Day). Exact DOB is unknown.
    Species: Human/Ghost.
    Hazama Body:
    Ghost Form:
    Long, long ago, there was a Black Beast. The Beast killed and killed, all for no reason other than for the sake of killing. This Beast was solely known as the Black Beast, and it was brought about by Hazama. Hazama was, at this time, known as Yuuki Terumi. He knew something that rare few knew in the world; that in The Boundary (The Boundary is the place in the BlazBlue Universe where all the timelines intersect, as time loops endlessly in this universe) there existed three separate units that all did separate thing. One was the Susano'o Unit, a Unit that's purpose is 'to slash time' and now belongs to a warrior named 'Hakumen' that shall be explained later. This Unit takes the form of a body armour that grants the wearer great power. Another was the Tsukuyomi Unit, a Unit that's purpose is 'to protect time'. This is a Unit held by Rachel Alucard, the head of the Vampire Clan. This Unit comes in the form of a golden shield, granting Rachel mastery over sorcery and granting her the ultimate defence. The final Unit is the Master Unit, Amaterasu. The Master Unit Amaterasu is the cause of all the time looping, and it confers its power to an individual known as Noel Vermillion. Hazama had originally been in the Susano'o Unit, although he'd driven himself out of it early on because he'd realised that in the Susano'o Unit, he'd forever be linked to the Master Unit Amaterasu.

    Hazama despised the Amaterasu Unit. He wanted to destroy it, and stop the time loops from occurring any longer. He finally found the way to do so when he managed to create the item known as the Azure Grimoire. This item was a Cauldron, a device used to gather souls and smelt the sword inside its body that could be used to destroy Amaterasu inside the Boundary. The reason he had to do so was because one could not enter the Boundary; it would destroy one's normal form and do serious damage to them (For example, Arakune, who used to be a human). It would grant them abilities, however.

    Hazama collected souls until it was time to smelt the sword; it began smelting immediately. What came out, however, was not what he was looking for. He was looking for Kusanagi, the Sword of the God Slayer. What came out... was the Black Beast. The Black Beast was a gigantic monster made of dark energy. As it was created, it disappeared almost instantly (to go to the future and possess Ragna the Bloodedge's Azure Grimoire imitation), but with it it ate Terumi's body and he found himself remaining behind as nothing more than a ghost.

    Now, the first thing that you should note about Hazama now is that the body he uses was not originally his. It was once the body of Kazuma, a student that went to the Magic Guild to study magic and everything about it. One of the other students there, Celica A. Mercury, didn't trust him as there was always something... off about him. Kazuma just felt odd in general. This was because Kazuma was not a human; he was an artificial body created in the likeness of Terumi by Relius Clover, an evil, evil man that Hazama had met while he was a ghost. Kazuma had to form a mutual pact with Terumi to allow Hazama to take the body and essentially repress him so that Kazuma never awoke again, but the chances were Kazuma was not informed about that part. As Celica's brother Tomonori (who knew about Terumi) came to kill Kazuma, however, he arrived to realise he was too late; Kazuma had allowed Terumi in and therefore had been lulled into a dormant sleep for eternity. The newly awakened Terumi used his weapon (The Nox Nyctores, Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros) to instantly murder Tomonori as he arrived.

    Before Terumi could do any more damage, however, two powerful individuals known as Mitsuyoshi and Valkenhayn arrived and faced him in battle, defeating him. He was then sealed away by Clavis Alucard (The head of the Vampire Clan at the time).

    Without warning, the Black Beast reappeared. The Black Beast reappearing was the result of a specific time loop where the Black Beast was released from Ragna the Bloodedge's Azure Grimoire and sent back in time through the power of the Boundary; it had appeared and begun to rampage once more. It wasn't the only thing brought back in time, however. One of the people that had been a part of the events in the future regarding the Black Beast, Jin Kisaragi, was brought back in time with it. He went off the radar.

    The people had no way of defeating the Black Beast. It destroyed and destroyed and after a long time, had coated the majority of the planet in a substance called 'seithr'. Seithr was a substance that couldn't be seen or smelled, and while it was fine in small doses, if it was taken in in large quantities, humans would become addicted and their bodies would be destroyed.

    But as all hope seemed lost and it seemed like the Black Beast would destroy the world, an unexpected phenomena occurred. Someone else travelled back in time from the future. This person was Ragna the Bloodedge, from a time loop where he was transported back in time. Ragna took on the name 'Bloodedge', and took up the fight against the Black Beast. The battle lasted for one long year, with Ragna then backing off. Ragna gave his sword/scythe to Mitsuyoshi (Who had recently adopted the name Jubei) and disappeared.

    The year that Bloodedge had bought had given time for certain events to happen. Terumi had been revived (as he was so powerful) and brainwashed by Nine (A devastatingly powerful sorceress) and these two had banded with four others to form the Six Heroes. These heroes consisted of Hakumen (Who was actually the alternate timeline Jin Kisaragi, returning after his disappearance with a new attitude and with the old Susano'o Unit that Terumi had thrown away), Jubei (A bipedal cat-anthro with tremendous power), Valkenhayn (A deadly werewolf that served the Alucard family), Trinity (A Magical Girl that had known Kazuma and had possessed feelings for him), Nine (The sorceress brainwashing Terumi) and finally the brainwashed Yuuki Terumi himself. Together, they all taught the world Ars Magus, the use of science to manipulate and use seithr as a weapon. This was not, however, enough. Ars Magus alone would not be capable of defeating the Black Beast. Knowing this, a growing power in the world (Named the Novus Orbis Librarium) began creating Ars Armagus, close and long-range weapons vastly superior to normal Ars Magus. There were many Nox Nyctores-type weapons created (Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros having existed long beforehand, making it one of the first Nox Nyctores weapons) and many different Sealed Weapons, known as Izayoi.

    Utilising Ars Armagus, the Six Heroes took the fight to the Black Beast. They all fought against it and after a long and difficult fight, the Six Heroes finally succeeded and the Black Beast fell to their power. This was the end of the First War Of Ars Magus (Also known as the Dark War). After the war ended, the heroes all went their separate ways. Hakumen told the people that they should abolish their evil ways, and they grew resentful of him. Trinity stayed around in the world with Nine and Jubei, Valkenhayn headed back to the Alucard mansion to look after his new master as well as the new head of the Vampire Clan (Rachel Alucard), and brainwashed Terumi stayed around with Nine, Jubei and Trinity. Hakumen stayed as well, but he did not stay with the others.

    Nine and Jubei had their aforementioned child, however Nine decided that it was too unsafe to leave Terumi be, so she told Trinity to keep an eye on him. Trinity obliged, but her feelings for Kazuma were too much; she released Terumi from Nine's magic in the hopes that it would bring back Kazuma. Unfortunately, it didn't. It brought back none other than Yuuki Terumi. Terumi proceeded to brutally murder Nine right in front of the shocked and heartbroken Trinity after he was released, and then turned on Trinity and used his Ouroboros to kill her too. He then threw both their bodies into the Boundary.

    It was at this point that Hakumen returned, attacking and doing battle with Terumi. Neither of them could win against the other, and thus it was a complete stalemate. Hakumen broke the stalemate by unexpectedly grabbing Terumi and hurling himself as well as Terumi into the Boundary.

    Years and years went by, Hakumen and Terumi in the Boundary. Mankind began to rebuild around the seithr, and thus the Heirarchical Cities came to be. These were cities under the supervision of the Novus Orbis Librarium (That had become the most powerful organisation in the world, ruling everything) and each one had a Cauldron inside the NOL Branch inside it. Each Cauldron had a 'Prime Field' (A Prime Field is a Murakumo Unit; these are Units that have the possibility of becoming the Black Beast if they are merged with an Azure Grimoire. They were set up by Relius Clover, as he is a Colonel in the NOL's Engineering Department). These Prime Fields were all being set up by the NOL because unlike humans, they could explore the other side of the Boundary.

    80% of the entire world was covered in seithr. There was next to no land available that was not covered; on one of the few placed not covered, there was a small church. At this church existed three humans that were growing up there; one was named Ragna, one was named Jin, and the other was named Saya. They were all growing up under the watchful eye of none other than Celica A. Mercury, and the church was located on the very spot where the Black Beast was slain.

    Early on during these three human's childhood, a mysterious force known as Takamagahara (Takamagahara, literally meaning Plain of High Heaven, is a group of three beings. These beings are supposedly god-like, but man-made and they observe all possibilities of all the time loops caused by the Master Unit. They seek the destruction of the Master Unit Amaterasu as well, but they wish for time to keep looping so that the world never ends. The three beings that make up Takamagahara are known simply as TA, TB and TC. They are invisible beings, but they do cast shadows.) salvaged Terumi from the Boundary and released him back on the world, with a restriction on him so that he couldn't do anything they didn't want him to do or else they could make him disappear.

    Terumi took up the name 'Hazama' and when released on the world, he headed to Celica's church. When he arrived, he murdered Celica on the spot. He then possessed Jin in ghost form and burned down the church. Still in control of Jin's body, he wandered out to find Ragna staring at the burning church in horror. Hazama then cut off Ragna's arm and left Jin's body to go back to his own. He kidnapped Saya, and left the place for good.

    Hazama then went off the radar until many years later, when he became the Captain of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Intelligence Department. He overheard of one Major Jin Kisaragi leaving his post to head to the 13th Heirarchical City Of Kagutsuchi. Learning that it was Noel Vermillion's job to make Major Kisaragi return to his post, Hazama decided to supervise her mission. He followed her, but shied away from encounters, claiming that he just 'wasn't good with fighting'. He did, however, appear to Rachel Alucard and the now old Valkenhayn in ghost form, mocking them both times.

    After Ragna (With a new, artificial arm made as the Azure Grimoire) had defeated the Murakumo Unit at the NOL building, Hazama appeared before Rachel, Ragna and Noel, his hat gone and his green hair spiked up. They attacked him instantly, but he shrugged it off like it was nothing and mocked them. He mainly mocked Ragna for the church incident; revealing that he was the culprit behind what had happened that day.

    He then had his chance. Hazama returned to the NOL HQ elsewhere in the world to issue one order before heading back; he had ordered Tsubaki Yayoi, Jin Kisaragi's (post-church) and Noel Vermillion's childhood friend, to kill Noel and Jin. He then returned to Kagutsuchi.

    Hazama wandered around Kagutsuchi looking for the girl he'd sent Tsubaki to kill. He needed Noel Vermillion. Hazama eventually found himself back up at the NOL building, at his makeshift Cauldron that he had prepared in secret during the time he had been 'observing' Noel. He had absorbed the souls of all the soldiers in Novus Orbis Librarium's Kagutsuchi Branch not long ago. Because he just needed to wait, Hazama used his Cauldron to look out into the Boundary; he examined all the possible timelines that could happen, and everything that happened inside them. That was when Noel showed up there. To Hazama's delight, she had run into Tsubaki and had fought with her. Hazama then tells her the truth about herself, about how she is nothing but a puppet and how she is inhuman (Noel Vermillion is actually a Murakumo Unit; she is the Eye of the Azure, meaning that when smelted she would become the Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi). This causes Noel's emotions to go haywire, and her Nox Nyctores: Bolverk to break. Hazama then proceeds to smelt her in the Cauldron.

    When Noel is smelted, she becomes Kusanagi and gains a life-link with Hazama. She is ordered to destroy the Master Unit, and she heads down to The Gate, where you can directly see the Boundary. Before she can go to destroy the Master Unit Amaterasu, however, Mu-12 is faced by two entities; one is Jin Kisaragi, and the other is Hakumen (Who had been salvaged from the Boundary by Nine's and Jubei's daughter Kokonoe, however because he was in the Boundary for so long, he was only operating at 20% of his normal capacity and power). Mu-12 succeeded in defeating and holding off them both.

    While she did this, Ragna the Bloodedge arrived at the Cauldron that Hazama had set up. Hazama was waiting for him there, and as Ragna activated his Azure Grimoire, something unexpected happened; Hazama activated one as well. To Ragna's surprise, Hazama revealed that he was the original creator of the Azure Grimoire and Ragna rushed in. Red and green clashed, and there was a destructive battle. It ended the way it was destined to, however, and Hazama struck Ragna down. Laughing insanely and evilly, Hazama flung Ouroboros at Ragna... only for it to be interrupted by Lambda-11 (Lambda-11 was Kokonoe's pawn; an artificial Murakumo Unit that ran on a special 'Idea Engine' as opposed to the usual Murakumo Units' Nox Nyctores.). Lambda-11 took the hit for Ragna, and fell into his arms, disintegrating and passing the Idea Engine on to Ragna.

    Ragna then got up. He began once again speaking the chant for his Azure Grimoire, and as Hazama objected loudly that 'they'd been through this', he added one line on the end. 'Now engaging the idea engine'. They did battle once more, although this time Hazama was defeated. As Hazama commanded Ragna to finish him, Ragna instead opted to leave him and go find Mu-12. Hazama taunted him as he left, naming him a chicken for not finishing him.

    Ragna arrived directly after Mu-12 finished Hakumen and Jin. He did battle with her, except in the end he defeated her. Ragna leapt through the air, grabbing onto Mu-12's visor with his artificial arm. His arm exploded as he did so, but it cancelled the life-link that Hazama had connected to Mu-12. Another thing it did was revert her back to Noel Vermillion.

    At this moment, the moment where Ragna had done the impossible and restored Noel to normal, he had the full attention of Takamagahara for a mere split second. This meant that they were not observing anything other than him for this split second. Hazama, having seen every possibility, used this one split second to infiltrate Takamagahara. He appeared between TA, TB and TC in ghost form and used his ally Phantom to put a magic virus on them, putting Takamagahara out of commission forever.

    Returning to the normal world and inhabiting his body again, Hazama heads down to where Ragna, Jin, Hakumen and Noel are. He arrives there and is all ready to challenge them one more time. He would have done so, but Relius arrived and told him to stop. He responded with aggression, telling Relius that he wasn't the boss of him, but when Relius pointed out another figure standing above both of them, Hazama calmed down and agreed to calm it and leave. The figure was the Imperator Librarius, as well as Ragna and Jin's long lost sister, Saya.

    Saya mentioned that she had damaged the Master Unit Amaterasu, and that now rather than time being looped, it would be a 'World of Death'. This means that once something happened, it would be permanent; time's natural flow had been restored.

    After this event, Hazama was seen above the Cauldron where he'd appeared before Ragna, Noel and Rachel beforehand, except this time it was with Relius and he was much further into the Cauldron than they had been; he was at the very edge. He commented that the Cauldron containing Nu-13's remains (Nu-13 was the main antagonist of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (The first game in the series) and she was the reason in one of the timelines, Ragna and Jin were sent back in time to become the Black Beast and Hakumen. She was a Murakumo Unit, and fell into her own Cauldron to burn and die as Noel saved Ragna's life by pulling him from her grasp) could very well be used to make the 'Sword of the Imperator'.

    Nu-13 was smelted once more and Hazama manipulated her for his own wishes. Hazama, Relius, and Nu-13 then all headed for Ikaruga (The place of a previous war between Ikaruga and the Novus Orbis Librarium) to put an end to everything.

    (I will rerelease this character presentation with updated information once BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma comes out and once I play it.)

    When Hazama isn't up to anything, or when he has no need to be evil as well as when he's meeting new people, he keeps up a constant facade of a gentleman; he'll introduce himself as Hazama politely with a bow, and will take off his hat to do so. He treats others with respect when he does this, although the tones in his voice and the way he behaves always leads to him sounding like he's mocking the other person all the time, with almost everything he says. And he usually is! He subtly hints again and again that he isn't at all what he appears to be, hiding his true name and personality under the lie that is Hazama. He keeps his eyes shut all the time, but somehow always manages to find his way around without any problems; he never bumps into anything and always knows where everyone is. That isn't to say that he doesn't open his eyes ever-so-slightly every once in a while, however.

    When he reveals his true self as Yuuki Terumi, his entire persona changes. He acts cold and cruel, not caring for any problems or any pain that other people experience; even less so when it's pain they experience at his hands. He lives off hate, and that's not a figure of speech; if you really, truly and utterly hate every fibre of his being, you can pat yourself on the back because he'll use that hatred as a force to bind him to the world. Speaking of which, he tends acts more or less obedient to the one person that chooses to be his Observer in their presence (In this sense, Hazama is very much like Archer of the Fate/stay night series. He requires someone to be his 'Observer' and to accept the responsibility of observing him; this is something they can stop doing at any time by changing their mind, however. Unlike Archer, he can do this with anybody. Even multiple people at a time). He will disobey you if you get in the way of his goals but if you don't care about whatever he does, he'll be more or less obedient.

    He's insane, too; want to know his motive for killing, mentally scarring people, destroying half of the world with what he called his 'failed experiment' and wanting to destroy the rest of the world? Simply put, he doesn't have one. He destroys and kills and causes hatred for one single, simple reason; because he can.

    Hazama is capable of 'eating' memories. Both instances of this happening have been used on Jin Kisaragi, where he's done so to help further his own goals and to twist and bend Jin to his will. He can, however, only use this ability while in his ghost form.

    Hazama is capable of warping around in ghost form. This has been proven when he warped into Rachel Alucard's mansion grounds in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

    Hazama likes boiled eggs a lot. They're his favourite food.

    Hazama needs an Observer; without one, he will slowly fade away from the world. If he goes unobserved and has nothing else to tie himself to the world, he will disappear from the world in roughly three days.

    Hazama tends to get under a lot of people's skin and attempt to piss them off subtly. This can lead to him not being very good in social situations.

    Hazama hates three things; cats, vampires, and loud noises. He has a cat allergy, a vampire always ruined what he was enjoying before he could actually enjoy it, and loud noises are extremely effective to him.

    Hazama hails from the world of BlazBlue; it is Earth, but many, many years into the future.


    Metahuman, Supernatural.


    It was a wonderful day. Absolutely fantastic. "Perfect." Came a voice from a man standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking what looked like a cloud; it was this one cloud that was lower than Ikaruga, mind. There was still a sky up there. "Ah, this is simply wonderful. We'll have everything we need soon! We've just gotta wait for the thirteenth sample to do what it needs to do." Hazama was seemingly speaking to himself, but if you looked to the right of him there was a shadow on the ground. It was a large, circular shadow that spanned many metres in width and length; it could not be anything natural.

    The green-haired psychopath placed his hand on his hat, and opened his eyes. His bright, yellow snake-eyes stared out into the abyss below. Soon, the time would come. He was so close to his goal, anyway! Him, Relius, the Imperator Librarius, Phantom, everyone! It would be a fun, fun time when he finally obtained the power to destroy this world. This world that was all lies. Hazama wanted to absolutely obliterate this world from existence. All the people in it would die, all the entities in the Boundary would die, and for all he knew, not even he would survive! Did Hazama care, though? No, he didn't give a shit. He just wanted to destroy.

    The man turned from where he was stood, and turned to the right. He immediately started walking forward. He had to get to the village. Well, it wasn't that he had to get to the village. The village was on the way to his destination. So, Hazama walked. The shadow followed him slowly on the ground as he walked at a rather slow pace in the direction he was headed. What could he say? He was going this way because he needed to. He was going slowly because he could afford to waste time and to procrastinate on getting there. It was all he needed. And no matter what anyone else said- barring the Imperator Librarius, of course- he would get there.

    Unfortunately for him, there was a familiar person waiting in the frosty village. As opposed to the summer-like plains of Ikaruga's other parts, this part of the place was a frosty, snowy village. And guess who was waiting for him? Jin Kisaragi. Major Jin fucking Kisaragi. The ice-powered Major immediately viewed him with hostility, and his hand flew to his sword, a Nox Nyctores like Ouroboros: Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa. "Now, now, Major Kisaragi. Why the grim face?" Hazama kept his eyes shut and he asked this with a sinister smile, mocking Jin. It was what he did, and all he knew how to do.

    "Shut up! You worthless piece of trash! I'll dispose of you right here!" Jin objected. He held all this hatred for Hazama after the last time he'd seen him with Relius and Saya. Jin wanted to kill Hazama, and then he'd go for his dear, sweet brother. He'd finally get to kill Ragna, his brother. "Not still upset at that, are we? Chin up, Major. You won't be setting any good examples for your subordinates like that!" Hazama mocked him some more. This was too much for Jin to withstand.

    "Just shut up and die!"

    Jin ran towards Hazama, drawing Yukianesa for a couple of seriously freezing slashes. Unfortunately for him, Hazama had predicted that and he blocked the attacks. "Is that it, Major Kisaragi?" Hazama started. "I thought you could do MUCH better than that, even if you are a useless toy that I don't need anymore!" Hazama's eyes opened, his shining yellow eyes staring directly at the enraged Jin. Jin looked at him, and put on a look of surprise. "...What?!"

    Hazama closed his eyes again, feeling nothing but suction behind him. "H-Huh?!" Hazama was propelled backwards into a shining blue portal. "HEEEEEEEELP!" His exaggerated, mocking screams continued even in the presence of this abnormal phenomenon.


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    Re: Hazama (BlazBlue Series)

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    I've never played this game but you are good to go. It may help if you adopt a font colour code, however. Accepted.

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