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    You're Right, Big Z; Running IS Good for Something!

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    You're Right, Big Z; Running IS Good for Something!

    Post by Jo Pistonne on Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:34 pm

    Time: 10:27 a.m.
    Date: March 3, 2013

    Big Z wrote:""Jo, wait...! Don't go out there alone! It's dangerous! Wait! Come... Come back!"
    Ooh, someone she knew was going to be so mad when she came back home... But Jo couldn't stop to think about that. Not right now. She was busy running her buns off in the cold thinking of a solution. At first she thought about making a protective head covering for them both, but then she decided that would take too much time. Next she remembered something from school (I know, right?) and that was to shield the house from electromagnetic radiation. That would require far too many materials that she just didn't have or the time to move if she had them. The rest of her ideas were either far too zany or just too impractical.

    "This is so stupid!" The mechanic stopped to catch her breath and leaned forward, hands resting upon her knees and chest heaving up and down. Craters, she must have ran nonstop without really thinking about her body. Jo rubbed her cherry-red nose and looked up, cheeks flushed. "This is so stupid..." she repeated again.

    Another attempt to either conquer or destroy the world. Great. Super.


    But this time it wasn't her being stuck and left at home. It was the other way around, where the real fighters, Big Z and Lawrence, were the ones out on the sidelines. As far as Jo was concerned, this was stress she didn't need. She remembered very well what happened during the time Hanna had been here. "Oh, like I needed to remember that crazy month now..." she sighed, placing a hand over both eyes. Crazy, crazy, crazy -- that's all this place ever was. "Alright, enough about that. You have a job to do, Pistonne." She shook out her limbs and lightly slapped her face, getting pumped and back into the groove. A mission was a mission and the boys were counting on her. Let's do this, baby! She cracked her back once and took off, this time pacing herself. Hey, with as many burritos as she was packing, you'd think she could run for days. It's these child-birthing hips, she'll tell ya. They were pretty useless at the -- ?

    ??? wrote:"Stay tuned, folks! We will remain on the clock providing you with updates hot off the presses!"
    On second thought...

    It was by some stoke of luck (usually how these things are) that Jo passed a corner store -- one that sold TVs. And on each one of those TVs was a familiar face from her world: a certain Brent Starkisser. Boy, that name certainly held some truth to it. She came closer and paid no mind to her panting, instead focusing on the screen. "Good to know that you're on the job, Starkisser," the mechanic remarked dryly. It's not like anyone else had the comfort of sitting behind a desk in a nice, warm place while all of this chaos was going down. All he had to do was broadcast his -- hey, that's it!

    Was that a light bulb moment or was that a light bulb moment? A smile crept upward on Jo's face and the mechanic ran with renewed energy, an idea already forming. "It's just so crazy it might work!" A crazy solution for a crazy problem! What could go wrong?

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