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    Starting to Itch.



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    Starting to Itch.

    Post by Wheatley on Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:55 pm

    Date: 3/2/13
    Time: 4:00am

    A whole day had passed and nothing much had happened. Wheatley was beginning to believe that he was, in fact, correct and nothing at all was wrong. His fears seemed to be unfounded, and with the memory of the pain of the previous night fading away, he was finding it easier to convince himself that it had been only a momentary glitch.

    And now, there was something new going on! Some strange new energy coming from somewhere in the City. Just the thing to take his mind off of his earlier worries! He'd never felt anything like it, before, and so desperate was he for anything to distract him from his self doubt, the Sphere was latching on to this new curiosity with both metaphorical hands.

    Midnight, he'd found, was still fairly populated, especially around the City. 4:00 am, however, was a different matter. Only the nocturnal creatures, and the real die-hard insomniacs, were up this late, much less out and about. And up here, over the roof tops? It was practically deserted. The occasional bat to dodge, but other than that... Most of the lights were out, just the last few flickering neon signs and stop lights. Wheatley preferred the bird's eye view of the City. It was very pretty, no matter what time it was.

    To be honest, he wasn't paying a lot of attention to where he was going. He wasn't so much searching and moving in the general direction of the energy and watching the pretty lights below him...

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