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    The Grand Librarian Returns



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    The Grand Librarian Returns

    Post by Jherrek on Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:46 pm

    {FEBRUARY 13TH : 5PM}

    Alright. Now that the whole mess with the Nobodies is over, and now that he's recorded it all, Jherrek now has the free time to get back to his studies on his Runic recovery. If anything, losing his library of knowledge is the most detrimental thing about his world being destroyed. The thought almost brings tears to his eyes. Yes. Tears. From the silver angel's eyes. His only true consolation in a world of war, and it's gone. He shakes his head as he walks through the recreational district, his arms crossed. One hand holding the map he had to almost literally wrestle Uriel for, and the other hand holding the small tome full of his runes.

    This trip better be worth it. If he is going to fit Uriel's, and his, bill for new equipment. He had tried his best to remember the specific runes for crafting runic armor for Uriel, and also the ridiculous amount of runes that are required to make that guitar idea work. Jherrek sighs, his walking taking him to the direct spot on the map that he wants to be at. Ah. The Library. He looks up from the map.

    "Oh. Wow." He blinks repeatedly, this building outshines his Grand Library by far. The normally stoic Synya steps forward slowly, a small tear appearing at the edge of his eye. What is this? Why has this place eluded his grasp for so long? To the void with his tiny library, this place is the library of gods! He blinks a few times, adjusting his jacket and looking around, making sure no one saw his moment of complete glee.

    He begins his walk into the foyer, if there is one, and finds a desk quickly.

    He needs to stay focused. After you're done with this odd little ordeal with your brother, you can read to your heart's content, Jherrek. Woe be to anyone wanting to see him in the Sanctuary, even though most see him as a nosy nuisance. That'll change when they understand his position as a gatherer.

    He scans the entirety of the huge library, sighing greatly and happily, a genuine smile spreading across his angellic featured face. He blinks away from the sight, this time looking for someone to help specify his search.

    "Hello? Is there someone here that can help me?" He would LOVE to go through this entire library, just grabbing books to read. But he's in the market for something specific right now. He's doing a good job of keeping his priorities straight at the moment!

    After finding an attendant, he quickly finds the books he needs. Two tomes of Runecraft and a single Large book of reference runes. From his world. That's terrific! His entire library could be here! He would have the best time here. Jherrek smiles. Uriel has a job... Maybe Jherrek can make this his work. He'll have to remember to come back and ask for a job, post haste.

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