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    Astral Retrospection

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    Astral Retrospection

    Post by Arro on Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:11 am

    Time: Early, Night
    Date: 1/12/13

    Arro watched from the corner of his eye as the team dissolved. The only thing that had bound them together was their mutual enemy. Their success over whom made evident by the stars in the sky and the glow of the one true moon. Maybe he'd see a few of these people again, maybe not. Most lived secluded in the torl within towers of glass and stone, while he thrived in the heart of the wild lands. And not many people ventured out there. But who knows.

    They parted ways with few words, some walking in silence, others hitching a ride on the cibertronian. Goodbyes didn't seem necessary. There wasn't much left to be said.

    The drakon remained where he sat in the thick of the dew soaked plains. Eventually everyone who had paused to admire the stars found enough sense of time to tear their eyes from the sky. They all turned away one by one and plodded away into the night to their separate homes. Some looked pleased with themselves, some simply content, and others frustrated and confused.

    Arro watched them patiently for a time before returning his eyes to the stars. His own conclusions were divided. For the most pert he was at peace. He would have been content to just lie here and sleep beneath the astral expanse. But at the back of his skull was a pervasive sense that something was amiss. He examined the heavens for anything out of place. By now he knew the stars here as well as he'd ever known those of his birthworld. A few seemed to shine a little brighter than before, though only momentarily before they faded back to their usual luminosity. He wondered if it meant anything, or if it was just another random anomaly of the breach. Then there was King Mickey and the child with the keyblade.

    His ears pricked up and he felt his side. His scales ruffled over an unfamiliar metal. It was still there. Sokka had given it to him, but...

    And there was no way he knew of to return it to the small king. Where would he even look? The castle was gone. The two strangers had vanished within a door of light. Where had they come from? Where had any of the nobodies come from? And what about that girl, Namine. Her presence amid the trees hadn't escaped Arro. He had even sniffed the area in search of her. To thank her. But she left no scent. She along with the other castle dwellers were gone. It was like nothing had ever happened.

    Arro looked down at the grass, watched his claws sink into the very real soil, and began walking.

    But it had. People were dead. He watched those, things, come out of their corpses. People called them hearts. Which Arro could only associate with souls. They flew up into that fake moon and melded with it. Then they had destroyed it. What did that mean for the dead? And the bodies, they just vanished into those strange symbols people called code. Was this whole world made of it? Was this world even real?

    The drakon shook his head, kicked up his heals and began running. A thousand questions sputtered through his mind without a single answer to be found. His talons tore into the grass like treads. Behind him he tattooed the green grass with scars. He had no idea where he was going, but he was going somewhere, anywhere, and fast.

    He moved to move. He moved to run. He moved to feel alive.

    For despite all his trepidations, he was finally free to simply exist.

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