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    Adventure of the self: The Wastelands

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    Adventure of the self: The Wastelands

    Post by Tally on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:42 pm

    Time: 10:00 AM
    Date: August 18, 2011

    Well, here ya are love. I do hope you've got everything that you'll be needing, the wastelands are down right dangerous. I do hope to see you again sometime, maybe come by for a spot of tea in the future? I'm sure tim would be delighted to have your company again. We don't get many surface walkers after all. Well, i'll let you be on to it then. You take care then miss

    And then Wilxon had left her alone at the mouth of the cave, in front of her laid the Wastelands. Stepping out and into the sun Tally couldn't help but wince slightly at the hot dry atmosphere. It couldn't be noon yet, and already the sun was starting to beat down, traveling in this sort of heat would be dangerous. The chance of falling to heat stroke was probably pretty damn high, not to mention the chance of her dehydrating....she didn't even know how long the Wastelands was...

    Well shit.

    This plan wasn't very well thought out was it?

    And now she was miles away from home, and the only two friendly faces she had met yet were slowly being left behind her with every step into the dry hot desert. That made Tally pause, and she shivered despite the heat at the fear, the fear of dying, the fear of never finding the end of the Wastelands. She could die of starvation, or lack of water. She could fall down into a ditch and never be seen again, stung by a poisonous insect, attacked by a wild animal. She could be eaten alive, or baked in the sun until she collapsed and died.

    All because she was too afraid.

    So, what was she to do then? Tally debated her options silently as the sun slowly began to burn her shoulders. Continue forward into quite possible death, or go back to the city and face something else. With a sigh Tally began to walk forward, and did her best to push down the shame of being a coward.

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