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    Iron Buzzard

    Post by Prixlezub on Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:16 pm

    Time: 4:30 PM
    Date: October 24th, 2012

    Blazing sun, whipping winds over the tops of cracked, dry expanses. The desolate horizons of the wastelands seemed endless, save for the sun-bleached interruption that the Tech-Dome provided. In the distance a few vultures drifted lazily on the warm updrafts, undoubtedly scoping for their next meal. On the ground, desert serpents and other reptiles occasionally scurried across the sands, abandoning a patch of shade under the dried plants for another. Even with the blazing heat already cast down from the sun, it seemed the wastelands were hotter than they were given credit for. A low howl of wind carried a cloud of dust from the Tech-Dome's wall, passing over the ground with a hiss as it billowed through the air. How strange was it though, to see that the cloud seemed to roll and caress over an obstacle which did not seem to exist. At least, not to the naked eye.

    A few of the more inquisitive denizens of the desert cocked their heads at it, before finally dismissing it as a familiar trick of the wind. Though, a few resumed their guard as a low rumble drew close, large footprints, though muffled, shook the cracked earth. A few were sent fleeing in confusion as a good sized cloud of dust suddenly erupted next to them, another appearing farther ahead. Each spectral footfall drew closer to the rotting hulk in the middle of nowhere, before finally taking pause at the dome's marred door.

    "Hm, hasn't changed a bit. Hopefully the pickings are still as desirable as they were in the past." Rumbled the specter, a low groan soon following from the hangar doors as they were pushed aside.

    Within, a plethora of wires and parts lay scattered, robotic arms standing frozen like metallic shoots from the cement flooring. Above, wires hung down like vines, some entangling other robotics equipment and refused to let go. Beneath the transparent disguise, six eyes roved around the decrepit place, a thoughtful hum rolling from his throat and jostling a few scrap parts from their resting places. There were plenty of choices here, piles of parts to sort through, bulk metal collecting dust in the corners... The dome's visitor could be here all day looking for parts. That is, if he was completely clueless as to what he needed. The technology of humans was strange, but not all impossible in its interpretation, many of the parts that this visitor sought were obvious looking enough.

    A great gusting, snorting sound echoed around the dome, dust and sand sent wayward from both the assembly lines and the various piles. Entire lines of parts were shoved aside in the specter's search, many if not all deemed unfit for whatever business the thrifty creature had in mind. Metal clattered and screeched as it was shoved this way and that, before finally falling silent.

    "...Ah-ha." Came the pleased voice, as a leg assembly was pulled from beneath a pile of robotic limbs, looking as if it were levitating within the spectral grasp. Wires and hydraulic tubes hung like entrails off the dangling legs and metallic hip, paneling faded and dented from years of neglect under the pile of scrap. On a few edges, it seemed to have started rusting in the other fluids, which were now dried stains from age.

    Another clatter of metal, followed by a deafening roar of parts being tipped over from a bin, and the visitor had created for himself a fitting cart to place his finds. The robotic legs were gently lowered into the large bin, which looked large enough to work as a dumpster if re-purposed. Once the limbs were inside, the snuffing and snorting started again, unworthy parts being shunted aside in favor of the unpicked, decent ones. Within a half hour, part of a robotic torso was thrown in, along with a few other parts that looked like they went with it. The telltale sounds of the specter's searching ceased, as he turned his attention to the stalks of robotic limbs which sprouted from below and dangled from on high. A few of the hanging limbs were disturbed, dust pluming from them as their judge took a few evaluating sniffs before moving on. A few especially industrial looking ones were examined, one which still held onto a few of its own fingers being collected. Another seemed to be of similar make, but hardly in such a shape as the previous one. wires poked out of the panels from where rodents had broken in, and it was missing an entire servo assembly as well among the disrepair.

    "...Hm." He rumbled, before moving on to the limbs which sprouted at his feet. Perhaps if there were none down here, he would go back to that arm.

    Dust billowed up from the abandoned manufacturing lines as the visitor resumed his search, a poltergeist among machines to anyone who dared to enter while the dome was still occupied. Line after line was examined, decrepit arms left at their posts, while others were paused at to get a better look. All were around the same type, though it was evident that some were used for making other parts or attaching them to a chassis of some kind. He paused at what seemed to be a welding arm, the panels in relatively decent shape. The visitor glanced back at the hanging arm, still dangling among the wires, before looking back at his new prize.

    "This one will do." The specter decided, old bolts groaning from strain as the arm was pulled and jostled. Chips of cement fell from the old machinery, before it finally came loose with a loud Crack! Luckily for the demon, it was the bolts which held to the floor which gave first before the rest of it. Multicolored wires and tubing snaked from the bottom of it like roots, briefly held taught before being severed like they were mere threads upon an invisible blade. The visitor's prize was added to the bin as well, now laying among other well-aged parts.

    Their collector paused over the bin, as if to take inventory of his finds. Two good arms, a couple of legs and a pelvis, pieces of a torso... Yes, it seemed all he needed was here. The rest could be decided and handled at the hands of the one he intended to bring this to. The entire bin was lifted from the Tech-Dome floor, pausing in the air a moment before... It started to fade, until the bin itself seemed to be no more.

    A muffled thunder of footfalls upon the desecrated floor heralded the visitor's leave, both the specter and his find lost to the desolate winds and shifting sands.

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