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    Castle In The Sky

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    Castle In The Sky

    Post by Arro on Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:23 am

    Time: 4AM
    Date: 12/30/12

    At certain heights, the world below was lost even to those most familiar with it's heavens. Birds didn't fly this high, not without goading from mountaintops or clawing cliffs. Only drakons and vuivers had the lungs and hearts for the upper atmospheres. And if he went higher than this he may even lose sight of the ground. The clouds had already closed off the lower world a few times. Each time they opened up he was overhead a different landscape. And as he flew high and far into the night, -in pursuit of the moon or an end to it's illusion- one day had merged into the next. The darker hours of the night summoned great whorls of black, purple and grey clouds. Unbeknownst to him, heavily burdened with snow and releasing their catch of frozen moisture far down, down, below.

    Above, what should have been a bright starry night, was empty save for one thing. A luminary clock. The deformed and swollen moon. So massive he could make out every crater, every scar. And glowing so shockingly yellow it was as if itself were a sun. If wolves truly howled at the moon, the forests would be ringing with their voices tonight. That is, if this was a moon. He was certain now that it's strange shape was not caused by any play of shadows over it's surface. When the moon either waxed or waned he could still see the outline of the whole... This... the edges of this were as pitch as the cold empty space it hung in. He was one acquainted with the night, but never had his heart been so cold save on this freezing sight. It was wrong and unnatural, but strangely extraordinary. The cold in his scales wasn't from the height either, he could tell.

    If the shape had any specific meaning he didn't understand it, nor did he catch on while listening to the roofgoers yesterday night. He flew towards it as high as he could muster, the reality of the true cold eventually sunk into him however. He'd been sailing for hours, the moon came no closer. Not even by an inch. It was as he'd suspected, but some youthful part of him was disappointed that no grand adventure seemed to be waiting for him beyond the clouds this night. How amazing would it be to slip the surly bonds of earth and fly, warm, breathing, and unburdened beyond the ceiling of the world and into the mysteries beyond. He envied edamr so much for that achievement, they went to the moon, to the planets and worlds beyond, they went where no drakon's wings could ever go. It wasn't fair. It was almost pitiful, drai were born with wings and yet the flying flightless traveled farther than they ever could. One day maybe he'd find a way up there. He had a better chance here in the breach than at home.

    During one late hour in the night, Arro's fatigue caught up to him. He actually hadn't slept in days. And sleep being the vengeful parasite that it was, took him unaware. He was staring into the moon one moment, dreaming of it the next. A repetitive and boring vision, he didn't know he had succumbed until he awoke.

    A sudden stab of violence brought him back. A bright blast before his eyes, his lids flew open, then another... Crack... CRACK.... CRACK!

    Lightning blazed a trail past his wings to the earth below. Missing him by a fraction of an inch. He seized up, his wings choked his body instinctively and he dropped like a rock. Nearly too late did he come to his senses and unfurled his sails. He'd drifted below the clouds in his sleep. He needed to go back up, it was the quickest way to get out of danger. Arro righted himself and brought his wings down in rapid circular arcs. He shot higher faster with every beat. Lightning chased him the entire way. Snapping at his tail, hungry to singe his spade off. But the drakon was used to flying in worse conditions. He veered erratically, dodging the electricity with practiced patience. Dropping occasionally but never giving more ground than he'd gained. Eventually he entered the thick of the soup. Popping out of the storm was like a breath of fresh air. The thunder seemed to come as a disappointed growl upon his escape.

    Arro didn't get much time to recover. The moment he'd broken through the threshold he was washed in bright yellow moonlight. He blinked away his blindness, and slowly stared into the shaved orb looming overhead.

    Ke've Agartha....

    He stared incredulously. That had definitely not been there before. He rolled about in the clouds, casting glances below and above. Then in every other direction to cover his bases. Was he still dreaming?

    For the love of Tiamat. There was a castle now. Like this wasn't strange enough already.

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