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    Bad Moon Rising

    Cailia Hallow


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    Bad Moon Rising

    Post by Cailia Hallow on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:09 pm

    Time: 4:26
    Date: 12/19/0003

    Anything going down in Portal Breach?

    Of course.

    Was anything being done?

    Hell if she knew.

    But look what was going down now or rather up if you were a wise guy. A Bad Moon was rising. A bad heart shaped moon. How horrifying. Cailia walking down Main Street took another sneer up at the moon. What an eyesore. Quirky at first but now it just bothered the ever living hell out of her. Even more bothersome was the fact that no one else bumming around the streets seemed to notice a heart in the sky. In clear view of everything. EVERYTHING. It still was too strange that no one was in panic. No one at all. Goddamn why did it always start out like this. Cailia was in no means in a foul mood, far from it. She was just slightly irked as opposed to want to point a rocket or canon at the moon and blow it up for being as it was now. A heart-shaped Moon? Really, how unfortunately cheesy. Though it must be a given, nothing could ever be quiet around here and maybe that was something she was glad about. Quiet and peaceful was too damn boring, things had to be wild, crazy and insane.

    Naturally, she thought she was drunk at first when she saw it but considering her company at the the saw it too, being completely sloshed in public again was not the answer. But oh did she wish it was. At least with being drunk it went away, unlike this predicament. Pausing on the sidewalk, the woman stretched her arms up above her head before finally clasping them behind her head as she pressed on aimlessly. Whatever. Just like with that Phazon shit she could handle whatever happened. "Psssk. I can't wait to see what idiots are behind this one. A heart moon. HA. How terrifying! Pffffffhahah!" Thats right, she was laughing at your completely ridiculous moon. She was amused, and when amused she would string things on up and ruining any and every plan behind that eyesore flying in the sky.

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