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    Life isn't so bad

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    Life isn't so bad

    Post by Tally on Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:49 pm

    Sometimes tally wishes that she hadn't made it to Portal breach, sometimes she wishes that that goddamn black hole had eaten her. At least then she wouldn't have to constantly worry about her family or her friend sonia.

    And then sometimes she sees his house. It had freaked her out the first time she saw mr. x's house floating way way up in the clouds. But now she loves the times that she gets to glimpse it, it's one more marvel for her.
    Tally has to wonder if portal x ever gets headaches with all the work he does, she usually finds herself asking questions about him whenever she sees is house, and her eyes will follow the floating monument until she can't see it anymore.

    Sometimes tally wishes that she wasn't in portal breach, then she sees x's floating house and she remebers all the people she's met and that she gets to see small little marvels like his house and her friends. Then tally feels greatful, and she figures life in portal breach isn't so bad after all.

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