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    Post by Uriel on Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:16 pm

    {DECEMBER 24TH, 9:00PM}

    Uriel hops down the steps, staying at the Stock Pot Inn is wonderful lately, now that his brother is here! He probably should tell someone about his brother in his room at the moment. Jherrek wasn't coming down with him, he said that he had to work on some runes he may have forgotten on the way here. Uriel shakes his head. His brother has always been a shut in. He blinks as he walks down into the lobby and smiles. Maybe people will enjoy the musique this time!

    Guz turns into a Santa Hat as Uriel walks over to a corner of the room. Sporting his newer black tanktop that Xiao made for him! He smiles and turns around to observe the room, in whatever state it's in. He digs in his hat and pulls out his guitar from Guz, then pulls out a cord, which he plugs into his headphones and his guitar, which he straps onto his body and produces a pick. He smiles.

    Time to Carol it up in here.

    Uriel winds up his arm and strums his guitar. Yep! Still in good tuning! Playing a generic G cord sustained always helped with tuning! He smiles, then searches through the Christmas musique in his headphones, and settles on:

    He picks at his guitar, the sound of a banjo ringing throughout the lobby. He continues on, his eyes closing and his body moving back and forth, his Guz/Santa Hat wisping along behind him.

    Uriel hums the tune as the violin starts up, and then plays his banjo part. Nothing like playing a sleddin' song!

    Hopefully everyone will like his musique! He slides into the electric part and really starts getting into it, head banging and musique filling the room.
    Wind Waker Link
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    Stock Pot Inn Staff

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    Post by Wind Waker Link on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:10 pm


    Link's ears twitched and he looked up from his clipboard. Music? Did he leave the radio on in the lobby? No, he remembered switching it off earlier just after dinner. Curious, the boy who had just emerged from the elevators, pushing a cart loaded with dozens of ribbon wrapped jars of shortbread biscuits, wheeled his loaded cart over to the lobby.

    "Mm?" he sounded once his eyes landed on Uriel who seemed to be completely submerged in his guitar playing. The innkeeper chuckled, walked over to the fireplace, moved the fireguard and chucked two more logs into the burning fire. His tenant was underdressed for the season as always but with the fire burning and hopefully the front door remaining closed longer that it does open, the lobby should be warm enough to make sure the musical angel stayed warm.

    The young boy replaced the fireguard then made his way over to his cart of goodies. Let's see, Uriel was on floor....four? Yups, there's his name on the the jar's nametag. Link reached amongst the jars and pulled out the one labelled for room 445. He put a tick beside Uriel's name on his clipboard and, whether the angel noticed him or not, set the ribbon wrapped jar beside the angel.

    With a smile and humming along to the tune Uriel was playing, he went back to his cart and the distribution of his Christmas gifts for all the inn's residents.

    The innkeeper

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