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    Post by Zurg on Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:13 am

    Time: 11:23
    Date: December 4th, 0003
    ... wrote:"Now we know that it was actually a full frontal assault on none other than BLACKCAT HQ itself."
    And so it was...

    Amidst the rays of the gentle afternoon sun, calm waves lapped up against a sandy shore; softly, quietly... Gulls kept to themselves, the smell of algae rich and poignant. He never liked the sea, with its spray chilling upon the caressing of skin and endless horizon nightmarish, unknown. And yet...

    Atop a lone rock, jutting from the wet sand with smoothed sides whittled away from time and ocean, sat Zurg. He sat, and he sat, and he sat. Alone, contemplative, and silent. It was how he had been these past two days, eyes glazed over and shoulders sagged from an unseen burden. Robed in nothing more than subdued greens and soft whites, the alien monarch stared out to a place far, far away. He didn't know where. But he did know that he wanted it to be away from here. Away from here, where he ached deep within. The city of Portal Breach... The Sanctuary... Home... Just anywhere but here, upon this world he did not understand. Where others... did not understand.

    ... wrote:"As you can see the devastation is terrible."
    It was maddening, what had happened. He had seen the news, as any alert citizen was wont to do, and felt suffocated back at home. His excuse for leaving was to get some fresh air and work his legs, to have the blood pumping and his joints loose. This was not the truth. The truth was that he could not bear to see the news; that he could not bear to see what could have, and should have, been prevented.

    The entire situation bothered him, and in both mind and spirit. His mind was restless, past details hounding and relentless. It was his mind that orchestrated the events prior. As for his spirit? It felt betrayed; wounded that he had been involved with something so petty...

    A child's tantrum. That is what this was, and nothing more.

    He had been bound - chained - to a child's selfish desire. And for what? Only for that child to grow cold, unable to carry out what they had already brought into existence. Were you happier now, Child? Were you happier, knowing that it was your grey hand that had caused so much suffering? Perhaps, in this, your ancestor was aptly named. He had been a fool to think that you, Child, would have the courage to see this wicked tempest through.

    ... wrote:"No, we haven't received any word from Steele."
    But you got what you wanted, didn't you?

    You removed the one thing - the one stone - that had been blocking your path. And in the process... you destroyed a family. No matter how asymmetrical the family ties and no matter how strange the culture, you destroyed a family... Why? Because you did not feel appreciated? Because you had been too hasty in assuming a functional relationship with someone different than you? Look at what you had done, Child. It was all over the news.

    You could not be bothered with dirty work. So you hired villains.

    You could not be satisfied with letting bygones be bygones. So you hired villains.

    You could not be anymore selfish. So you hired villains.

    Director Steele was no more. This, the monarch knew. The Alternian family was nothing more than a mockery. This, the monarch knew too. Connections were broken, bonds severed. It pained him to see these bonds, even if foolishly made, fray and simply snap away; to fade and be nothing more than scornful remnants. He had given you advice, Child. He had told you to love your parents, to appreciate the family you had when others... had not. Was this not what he entrusted upon you? Ah, but such a fool he was... He opened his heart and out from it poured kindness, previous scars ignored.

    You did not listen. In fact, it was almost as if you had never visited at all.


    A strong set of waves came in just then, the alien's introspection halted for a moment. People come and go, just like the tide. Families are born, only to die... This is the cycle - the Cosmos' grand design. But why did it bother him so much right now?

    Zurg felt a lot of things; many directed at himself for being so naive. Disgust, self-loathing, anger and confusion... He did not hate Director Steele, nor did he inherently hate BLACKCAT. What had happened was a result of business, the contract forged and signed. What he did come to hate, and increasingly so, were the reactions... A vow had been broken, words of confidence left to spoil upon the ears of others. Did these listeners not reprimand? Did they not care what had happened? Lives were lost, foundations uprooted; and yet...

    And yet, the world went on as it always did. Just like the ebb and flow of the waters before him.

    What a sickening sensation, to know that things did not change - that people did not change. He, himself, struggled on a daily basis to become the person he wanted to be. Oftentimes he was stuck being the person he currently was, but one day... one day...

    That day was not today, however. Today was a day of grief; a day to himself and his sins.

    And he should not be... alone.

    There was a spot for you beside him, Child. But you did not have the courage to come and claim it.

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