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    About the Victorian Lily

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    About the Victorian Lily

    Post by Aya Valentine on Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:25 am

    From the outside, the Victorian Lily is most certainly and obviously a clothing boutique in regards to the wide display case showing off dresses and other such fashionable items. To enter the establishment, one only has to open one of the double doors and step inside, taking notice of the two coat racks where a visitor may place their coats or other affects without worry of them being misplaced or stolen. Walking further within, past a desk that serves the purpose of reception, also where custom orders and payments are made. Sitting upon the floor next to this table are pots filled with various types of Lilies, all alive and growing.

    Past the reception, is the interior of the shop, very open and uncluttered by any racks is the layout of this humble shoppe. Dress lined up around all the walls and a mirror cast in between the middle in one such point. The walls of the shop are done in a gentle pale green with accents of light tans giving off a very neutral feeling. Off tot eh left hangs a curtain of a green few shades darker than the walls that leads to dressings areas and farther back a stock room, very large contain all the bolts of fabrics and other such things that are sold. Though the hallway goes on still to reveal the sewing room which contains four tables each paired with a sewing machine. Scattered about this room are various tailor dummies that one would use to create dresses, clothing, articles of fashion and the like.

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