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    Post by Zurg on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:31 pm

    Time: 11:30 PBT
    Date: 10/06/0003

    "Your Grace? Why are we here...?"

    Amid a sea of puffy white clouds floated a lonely figure, their feet seeming to walk through the sky as if it were a regular sidewalk down at the local park. There was, of course, no sidewalk. Nor were there wings, gas sacks, rocket boots - anything of the sort. There was just a prismatic hexagon beneath the man's feet, the panel carrying underneath him wherever he may step. "Oh, no reason in particular," His Grace replied nonchalantly, sounding as if it were normal to be up at this altitude without proper gear or precautions. "I am just up here, walking above the world." ...Not normal.

    X'ki did not buy this paltry excuse, and the AI chimed beneath a pair of wayward feet. "Pah, I do not believe you," it openly remarked. "You ran away again; this much I know. The only difference is, if any, is that your woman let you go. Your Grace, you have a burden upon your shoulders and yet you choose not to throw it." It has seen the signs many times before in the past. His Grace was not fooling anyone who knew where to look.

    "Hmm...? You wish me to throw it?" His Grace inquired, pausing to stop between a pair of bloated Cumulonimbus clouds.

    For some reason, even one the AI could not explain, it did not... like the calm tone His Grace supplied. "I simply wish that you face whatever is disturbing you, and that you come to your eventual senses and go back home. Your vagabond days of roaming the world to be freed of your hardship is scattered long into the wind, Your Grace."

    This was meet with a rather diminutive, "Hmm..."

    "I suppose you speak words of wisdom," His Grace agreed. "I should go home, yes. But, before I do..."



    Faster than X'ki could rightfully deter, the AI watched, horrified, as His Grace stepped off of the panel and plummeted head-first to the world below! "ACK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOUR GRACE!?" Immediately the prism shattered, a metallic sphere hurdling after the falling pain in its ass. "What are you doing!?" it shouted again, soon eye-level with the stoic ruler. The reply to come would surely send X'ki into a rage.

    "Hmm... I am thinking," was the peaceful response.

    "WHAT!?" His Grace was thinking!? "You stupid boy! Thinking does not entail rushing to your death! Cut this nonsense at ONCE, or I will - !?" Unfortunately X'ki didn't get to finish its original statement, for a draft of random air blasted the AI upward into a spiraling spin. "ARHHGAHGHAGHGH!" This is what it gets for being light! By the time the AI had caught up with His Grace, the cloud covering was now further and further above them while the shimmering expanse of the ocean was coming closer and closer to them. "ACK! Your Grace! The ocean approaches! Quickly, give a warp command!" So help it, boy, if you didn't say a command it was going to - !?


    But His Grace was most stubborn, instead just falling and falling and falling... He never moved, saved for going the ever popular down, and his stature remained as if he were standing - albeit upside-down with the wind whistling past his horns. "You see that land mass over there, X'ki?" His Grace addressed his friend, pointing with his eyes alone. "The one to the far right; the smaller one."


    Oh, you little - !

    "I do not care about a measly island!" X'ki snapped angrily. The ocean surface was approaching closer...! "What I care is for you to specify a warp destination so that I may abstain myself from telling the tragic news of your crumpled body to that of your woman. Your Grace! Give me a trajectory - NOW!"





    "Okay," His Grace casually spoke up. How can you be indifferent when you were about to splat across a surface like an overripe berry!? "I'd like to warp to that smaller island; the one I mentioned earlier."



    X'ki zipped down in a crackling burst, the AI shattered itself into a hastily-constructed warp gate. Calculations, calculations, calculations! His Grace asked for a warp at the last possible second. This wasn't going to be smooth! This wasn't even going to be proper! How far was that damned island and how fast was His Grace falling!?


    "NNNNNGH, WARPING!" the AI cried out.


    A soft gust of air collided atop the tranquil ocean waves in place of a body.


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