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    Eyes of Evil, only watch you.

    Cailia Hallow


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    Eyes of Evil, only watch you.

    Post by Cailia Hallow on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:08 pm

    Time: 7:00 AM
    Date: 7/12/12

    Mission Objective:
    "Find this hive, but keep thine distance, take pictures and then leave. Do not approach, do not be seen."

    This is what happened when you did things that caught the eye of rather nasty individuals. This was the start of the gaze of evil, and it only had eyes for a certain group. Blackcat. They had just come into the wrong neighborhood. This was Death's Ace land, land of villainy and evil. But people like that always cropped up, and it looks like they had earned the start of a stomping out. There was nothing Cailia loved more then crushing people and organizations underfoot. It was just satisfying to be the cause of ruin of others, even more so when it gave you personal gain. What to gain?




    These were the things people who were smart knew to stockpile and get their grabbing, clawing hands on it while they could. The weak don't survive, the weak die. Although Blackcat was trying to play a very big game now. Too bad their opposing players were much more secretive and smart. Number one rule to being the top predator? Not being suspicious, being unseen and unheard. Maybe Death's Ace could do some handy dandy seminars. But look at her, caught up in flaming glory. Cailia had to clear her thoughts, and the rhythmic crunch of her boots on gritty sandy beach. The waves crashed like a thrumming heartbeat, crushing, unyielding. And just smell that brine, hell, if it was so populated here she might up and relocated. But housing thoughts later, dear huntress, for now the 'hunt'.

    And their on the horizon was her prey. And such a prey it was. For a hunter such as she.

    The Troll Hive.

    Hive? Those little buggies were stowing away in a castle, a mansion. A place entirely too large for them in her personal opinion. Kids just got everything easy this place, didn't they? Ugh. Never mind that. Taking the camera stowed away so nice in her coat, courtesy of Bloodscream. Kneeling down upon the sand, she put the infrared camera up, turning off that pesky flash, focusing it over the whole of the building. Cailia pressed the button, click click!

    Invisible? No problem! Infrared ought to take care of that straight up.

    One photograph down. Who knew how many more to go. Better to do to much than to little, right? Of course right. Tilting the infrared camera up she progressed to take pictures of the Hive, top to bottom. But would that be enough, just from the front of it? No, of course now! Do it wholly or not at all. Rising and brushing the sand from her pants, Cailia broke off to the east, away from the Hive, giving it wide berth as she snapped more photographs from side. It wasn't long before she had a view of that choice rear. Ah, ass jokes. Weren't they to die for? Speaking of dying, she was dying for a drink. Dear Bloodscream was going to fix the finest damn drink on the underbelly of the breach, for free too. Raising the camera up with a smile there was the tell tale click-click of that camera photographing and storing it in that data card. Now that should satisfy him,for now anyway. Time to move out. With not a single snarky word, the demoness turned heel and strolled away, a silent cackling bubbling in her throat. Chuckles and giggles aside, easiest mission ever.

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